Obligatory paddling post

Oxford, Alabama:  “Of the 352 students who attended prom, 18 violated the policy, he said. Seventeen of them chose to be paddled, while DeRamus chose a three-day suspension, Holloday said.” 

I want to be the one who gets to paddle those bad girls in their skimpy outfits!

2 responses to “Obligatory paddling post

  1. “If you’re going to act up, give us another option besides getting paddled, because this is not the 1940s. We don’t take corporal punishment now.”

    Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with society today. I remember when I went to elementary school in SoCal back in the 60’s, being suspended by the principal. My mother marched me back up to the school and told the principal that I just needed a good “butt whoopin'”. My folks didn’t believe in suspensions from school. Besides the paddling at school, I also got one at home when Dad came home. There’s a price to pay for being disobedient.

  2. My father was pals with both my junior high and high school principals. He knew when I was in trouble the moment it happened. My last paddling from my high school teacher came in 5th grade. I deserved it, and learned a valuable life long lesson from it.

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