Affirmative Action Journalism?

The New York Times yesterday published an editorial by Charles M. Blow that is so juvenile and illogical as to be almost absurd. If it was dated April 1st, I would have thought it was a prank.  The money portion of his editorial involved the following quotes of Obama and Rush Limbaugh:  

“This conflict was captured in a tit-for-tat between Obama and Rush Limbaugh. In an interview with CBS this week, Obama complained about the “vitriol” coming from the likes of Limbaugh: “I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.”

Limbaugh shot back on Friday, “I and most Americans do not believe President Obama is trying to do what’s best for the country.”

Then he followed with his idiotic conclusion:

“And there it was. Obama’s language focused on what people “know,” or should know. He seems to find comfort in the empirical nature of knowledge. It’s logical. Limbaugh’s language focused on what he thinks people “believe.” Beliefs are a more complicated blend of facts, or lies, and faith. And, they can exist beyond the realm of the rational.”

“This focus on faith has allowed people like Limbaugh to mislead and manipulate large swaths of the right.”

As Dan Akroyd might say, Charles, you ignorant slut.  He built a straw-man argument based upon words.  His conclusion–that opposition to Obama is based upon faith and support of Obama is based upon facts– is not supported by the quotations.  First, Obama incorrectly used the word “know” when what he should have used is the word “believe.”  Americans do not “know” anything about the creep.  IF perfect strangers believe that they “know” anything about him then they are as delusional as adult believers in the tooth fairy.   Those who do trust him rely on their common sense, their interpretation of the facts as they know them, and yes, throw in a little faith, and they conclude that he is trustworthy.  But they do not know it.  So Charles Blow blows his entire argument on a false premise–that Obama bases his argument on what people “know.” 

Those of us who do not trust Obama come to that conclusion based upon our own common sense, and the facts as we perceive them to be.  Obviously we don’t believe in facts that we know to be untrue, but nobody can know everything.  Especially when liberals work so hard to obfuscate the truth.   I do not trust Obama because he has lied so many times. 

But even setting aside the lies, I do not trust him because I too believe that what he wants to accomplish is not what is in the best interests of the country.  I understand why he lies.  He does so to hide who he is.  He is a radical leftist. 

I believe that having radical leftists in charge of anything is bad for that institution, whether it be a university, a school system, a local government or an entire country.  Occasionally they might do the right thing but more often than not they will do the wrong thing.  I do not question their good intentions, they are just too stupid to know that what they are doing is wrong.  Like the little girl who tries to douse the flames on her little brother by pouring gasoline all over him. 

If my math is correct, 120 million Americans who at first approved of Obama no longer approve of his performance.  (+250 million Americans.  His approval rating was +80%, or 200 million, now it is somewhere around 48%, or 120 million).  Those people have not stopped trusting Obama based on anything that Rush Limbaugh said or did.  They are basing it upon what Obama has said and done. 

Then Affirmative Action Boy fires off this really cute crack:

“But invectives are not information. For example, a poll released on Wednesday by the Pew Research Center found that most Republicans say that they still don’t understand how the new health care reform will affect them and their family.”

Noooo shit? People don’t know how health care reform will help affect them?  Because they haven’t had time to read the damn thing. Their own representatives had not read it when they voted on it.  Who has the time or desire to read something longer than the novel “Gone With The Wind” when it is already too late to do a damn thing about it, and that will not affect their lives for several years?  I know this: It is unconstitutional.  It is too expensive.  And it was jammed down our throats against our wishes.  And for that, you will pay, Democrats, you will pay.   Now go back to playing basketball, or whatever it is that you are really good at, Mr. Blow, because you sure as hell are not a logician.

From an article on CNN! I could hardly believe it.

Photo from article on CNN “Disgruntled Democrats joining the Tea Party.”  I guess Rush Limbaugh got to them, too, eh Mr. Blow?

3 responses to “Affirmative Action Journalism?

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Affirmative Action is correct. It’s good to see we allow the mentally challenged to have a voice.

  2. That’s the first amendment for you. Everyone has a voice, even the stupid.

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