Tim Tebow draft watch

Where do YOU think Tim will be drafted?  Here’s a good analysis of teams that might be interested.  I personally buy into the theory that Jacksonville has to obtain him, perhaps in the 2nd round. 

Some blogs would use this as a shameless opportunity to engage in a Rule 5 transmorgifikaashun.  Not us here at Smash Mouth. 

13 responses to “Tim Tebow draft watch

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Let’s face facts guys, if we could trade places with him we would. I would, att least until Ms. T. Bagg gets the URL for this blog, in which case…. 🙂

  2. Nice, I like the one with the fat chick. Check out my blog, I get a lot of hits from people looking for Tebow pictures too!

  3. So do you guys think he’s a virgin?

  4. I don’t really care what people do in their spare time. But I know that he came through in the clutch when everybody was saying he would lose. And still nobody gives him any credit. Haters gonna hate.

    • His critics still made the right bet. According to the only useful and objective analysis I know of (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/qb2011), Tebow was about the 40th best quarterback in 2011. That’s in a league with only 32 teams. Guys who played better in 2011 include Tyler Palko, John Beck, and Dan Orlovsky.

      There was no reason to expect that Tebow would suddenly play a great game, after being so tremendously godawful all year. He got a lot of help from his receivers, and especially from his offensive coordinator, who put together the best gameplan of the week, maybe of the year. And even with all that, he only completed 10 passes. Granted, those 10 throws were amazing enough to give him credit for playing a truly great game. But he certainly hasn’t “disproved his critics.” New England has a shitty secondary–let’s see him torch them this weekend before making any broad conclusions.

  5. How many of those rated above him had won three come from behind wins in the waning seconds? How many had led their teams to 3 different wins in over-time? All those clutch victories in only a twelve game season? How many had come in to head a team that was floundering and had turned them into winners? Sometimes you have to learn to look beyond the numbers. Some guys are clutch players, and most aren’t. Tim may throw knuckle balls, but he wins. Reminds me of the old Joe Kapp days in Minnesota. Google him if you are too young.

    • No, you need to learn that one player does not make a team! There are 21 other starters who influence the team’s wins and losses just as much as Tebow, not even counting special teams. Tebow did not singlehandedly make the Broncos win games, as you seem to think, it always was a team effort. For all we know, had the Broncos stuck with Kyle Orton, maybe they would have won games in regulation and not needed overtime at all! Counting quarterback wins, as if they are pitchers in baseball, is one of the stupidest stats in football.

  6. I don’t think Tebow is singlehandedly responsible for their wins. But I do observe that he makes plays in the clutch. What’s wrong with taking a deep breath and acknowledging that he has played well in many 4th Q and OTs this year. I ain’t proclaiming him a good QB yet, just trying to get you to admit it.

    • Define “clutch” please

      • Dude, I can call you dude, right, well, I will anyway ’cause you’re acting like a Dude.

        Whether you like it or not, the quarterback is considered the leader of the team. And as is often the case, when the team loses, the quarterback receives the blame and the criticism. So when the team wins, why shouldn’t the same quarterback also receive the accolades that come with it?.And do you notice that the QB usually says it was a team effort? That’s what a leader does.

        Winning in the NFL isn’t necessarily about skills,( There have been plenty of QB’s in the NFL with skills that were loseres.), but about leadership. Tebow has those leadership skills.

        Mike G.

  7. What, are you using your mommy’s computer again? Come back when you grow up.

  8. Jeff George comes to mind when you mention skills and loser

  9. your my favior QB in the NFL why they traded u to the jets i don’t know i think it was stupit i hate manning going to the broncos thats what i really hate u was the best QB i have ever seen play at the broncos

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