Bikini Butt lift–FINALLY

er, why dint I think of that? Because my butt don’t need a lift, thank you.  Sorry, due to early onset of dementia I can’t remember who to hat tip, but the article is here.  What’s next, return of the codpiece?

4 responses to “Bikini Butt lift–FINALLY

  1. It will be called the Dodd-piece, and a mighty pain in the wedding tackle it will be.

  2. Dayam!!!!!…Either one of those babes look good to me, but that’s just my demented mind at work.

  3. I was actually thinking Pelosi wears one of those left thingies on her face nightly – because it certainly defies gravity…

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    My better half, Chamomile T. Bagg, wants one of these – like yesterday! She doesn’t need it (he smiles ears to ear) but what can ya do???

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