Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

Tim Tebow draft watch

Where do YOU think Tim will be drafted?  Here’s a good analysis of teams that might be interested.  I personally buy into the theory that Jacksonville has to obtain him, perhaps in the 2nd round. 

Some blogs would use this as a shameless opportunity to engage in a Rule 5 transmorgifikaashun.  Not us here at Smash Mouth.  Continue reading

Odds and ends

American street preacher in Scotland arrested and fined for expressing the religious belief that homosexual behavior is a sin

Vets barred from having the VA prescribe medical use of marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. 

They stabbed it with their steely knives, but they could not kill the beast

Letters written to congressional reps “may” encourage others to violence.  And I “may” be the King of Ireland some day. 

Sweden bans fake boobs! I volunteer to police those bad girls.

For TEN MILLION DOLLARS would you sleep with Tiger Woods? How about for fifty bucks? Huh! What do you think I am?…

T-shirt of the day (nsfw).

Urologist of the day.

Please tell me this is an April Fools’ joke

Or, is this akin to naming your daughter “Gay” back when it meant “happy and cheerful?” 

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Bikini Butt lift–FINALLY

er, why dint I think of that? Because my butt don’t need a lift, thank you.  Sorry, due to early onset of dementia I can’t remember who to hat tip, but the article is here.  What’s next, return of the codpiece?

Best Bacon Cooker

from allamericanblogger (go see results). h/t Linkiest

wrap in foil, shoot bad guys, feast afterwards

This may be the coolest way to cook bacon, but this sure isn’t the cheapest way to do it.

April Fool’s: The top 25 prank videos

From Coed Magazine.  Some of these are classics that you may have already seen.