Gallop Poll – Dems Have Blame For Violence, Abuse of Power

This USA Today/Gallop poll finds equal blame on both sides of the aisle for recent anger.  This really says something for a traditionally left-leaning polling firm to find Dems culpable in any fashion.  USA Today is doing backflips to balance this in OpEd, I am sure.

Perceived Responsibility for Post-Healthcare Vote Threats and Vandalism


The even more telling result however, is when Americans are asked if HCR was an “abuse of power”.  Results are not surprising to us, but Dems are hating on this survey at the moment:

Reaction to Democratic Tactics to Pass Healthcare Reform: Abuse of Power or Appropriate Use of Power?

-Lipton T. Bagg, Roaming Reporter at (kinda) large…

6 responses to “Gallop Poll – Dems Have Blame For Violence, Abuse of Power

  1. It goes to show that anyone with a lick of common sense has seen that our current Congress overstepped the authority We the people they’re supposed to serve gave them by putting them in office. I’m glad to see that people are waking up and smelling the stench that wafts out of our nation’s capitol. People can only hold their noses so long before they become fed up.

    I’m not a fan of GWB by any means, but I sure miss him now. 😉

    It’s also interesting to note how strong the divisions are along party lines. This last year has seen the strongest polarization along party lines I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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  3. I wonder how many people would argue that it was a necessary abuse of power, considering that the Republican party now apparently see their role as opponents of the government?

  4. Republicans are not opponents of the government, they are (supposed to be) opponents of bloated, intrusive government. Sadly, they had become willing co-conspirators in that. Ergo, the Tea Party movement. This of course is why both sides of the aisle fear the Tea Party movement – both are guilty as sin.

    And how “Alinsky” of you “Bob”, raising “necessary abuse of power”. What bullshit! That’s like trying to pass off “legal illegal immigration”, or “necessary taxation without representation”. Fun with words, perhaps – but all dangerous and fundamentally wrong-minded ideas and policies.

    And further evidence of advancing Fascism within the Democratic party. We want what we want, and if you don’t like it, we’ll shove it down your throat. The new DemoNazi mantra!

  5. Well hang on here, it needs to be pointed out that Republicans are not opposing the healthcare bill with better solutions or a workable plan of their own. There are identifiable problems that require solving, the healthcare bill will solve some of them, but the Republicans’ means of opposing it has been to use loophole after loophole to attempt to force it into political limbo. As you say, willing co-conspirators in wheeling-dealing that has little to do with democracy. They’re not interested in the good of the people, they’re interested in scoring points off the other side, and protecting their own interests (and those of their HMO investors).

    So whatever you think about the healtcare bill, it’s wholly inaccurate to describe the situation as Dems pulling dirty tricks to sneak the thing past the virtuous Republicans – the GOP would do and have done exactly the same kind of thing to get their stuff passed.

  6. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been forced through without support from both sides of the aisle. Not Civil Rights, Not Social Security, nothing. There is a moral imperative to represent the body of the American public in legislation.

    This piece of crap did not do that. Polling proved it. The anger of the people prove it. And upcoming elections will prove it as well.

    Republicans did offer alternative legislation, which was (according to game plan) summarily dismissed. It’s inaccurate and disingenuous to say otherwise “Bob”.

    Republican tactics were used because it was the only tools they had available.

    Of course, it needs to be said I hold the Republicans as responsible for this “abortion” as Dems. Had the RNC faithful not ceded to the political opium that is big government, massive spending and political platitude, we would not be here in the first place – there would have been no Dem super-majority.

    Which is why, as a Conservative, I am more aligned with the Tea Party than the RNC. I hope to see that change – so would millions of other Conservatives. Are you listening, Mr. Steele?

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