Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer

Smash Mouth Politics has been designated as a Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer (PDT) by the IRS Office of Employee Protection.   The FBI is watching us. 

Actually, I had a pleasant experience with the IRS recently.  They sent me a letter claiming that I owed over $9,000 and said prove that I did not owe it or just start making payments.  I called up and explained myself to one young lady.  It took too long to get through, and she left me on hold a couple of times, but finally came back on and said it was all straight.  What a relief.  I see why people hate them, though.  They have all the power and can make our lives miserable. Nobody likes to be put in that position.

3 responses to “Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer

  1. We’re all gonna be on that list sooner or later…welcome to the club. If you have EVER claimed disappointment in “the chosen one’s” policies, you can be assured that you’re on a list somewhere.

  2. I know I’m on “THE LIST”…

  3. I guess we’re all together guys – hopefully in the “armed and pissed off” section…

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