Disturbing gun news

Off duty security guard who killed a crazy man who was attacking a psychiatrist with a knife was cleared of criminal wrong doing.  After a five month probe.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Hmmmm.  It would take me two minutes to finish the probe.  What were those idiots up in Massachusetts thinking about? 

A “pot activist” who legally shot and nearly killed an intruder into his residence had his guns confiscated by the police, and now is forbidden from purchasing replacement weapons. WTF? Federal law supposedly says that if you use a controlled substance you are ineligible to purchase a gun.  He is a medical marijuana user.  Sooo, they can take away your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms without convicting you of illegal use now?  That’s why I keep mine loaded and handy.

5 responses to “Disturbing gun news

  1. Ya gotta love the BATF/sarc

    They just recently confiscated over $100,000 worth of rifles and shotguns, and who knows how many hand guns, at a local flea market. I heard that the feds had been watching for probably a year or more. I think they got them because they didn’t have FFL’s. It’s not against the law to sell your own private collection, but evidently if you buy a gun and sell it to someone else 2 hours later, you just broke the law and they’ll get you for selling a stolen gun. You have to have the gun in your possession for at least 24 hours before it can change hands again? Who knows…the feds make up the rules as they go along.

  2. To play Devil’s Advocate, the Feds (and states) do need some mechanism to deter the flow of firearms to unsavory-types. But I’m not sure if the current system goes too far, or not far enough (depending on which state/reg you speak of).

    Of course, we all know that criminals have no problems getting firearms as a result of current regs – only honest, law-abiding people do.

  3. Hey John, which are you keeping “locked and loaded”? The weapons? Or the” six-shooter” bong?

    I’m just wondering….. 🙂

  4. Nahhh. I gave up the bong. I support legalization, but I don’t partake of pot smokin. I keep my guns (not JUST a six shooter, Mr. Fed if yer listen’n) locked and loaded.

  5. Legalization…think of the tax revenue we could be bringing into our nation’s coffers if we could end the wasted resources on the “drug wars” as far as pot goes.

    I still believe we need to stop the importation of “coke” and heroin and stop the manufacture of Meth. It’s almost a weekly occurence now to hear of a Meth lab blowing up.

    As far as the border drug war goes, it’s time to “take the gloves off” and eradicate those scum.

    And yes, I still occassionally partake.

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