Jahvid Best is the best running back in the 2010 draft

I don’t even think it is close.  I’m no California fan, I just can’t see how anybody can think it is even close after watching his highlight films from 2008 and 2009.  Some say that he is not an every down back.  But they said that about Chris Johnson, too, who is listed at about the same height and weight  (5’11”, 200 lbs. for Johnson, 5’10” for Best).  All Johnson did was lead the NFL in rushing last year. 

And, if you totally ignore everything else in this post, GO see this scary video of Best knocking himself out in the end zone scoring a touchdown.  Look at the height he gets on his leap.  It’s incredible.  Most draft analysts have him slipping into the second round–I hope the Lions take  him as the second pick in the second round!   

Jahvid Best flying over a defender

8 responses to “Jahvid Best is the best running back in the 2010 draft

  1. I must respectfully disagree with you on Best being the best running back in this years draft. I think C.J. Spiller is probably the best all around back in the draft this year. He had over 3000 all purpose yards this year. Not only did he run most of the plays last year for Clemson, he also ran back kickoffs and punts as well as playing in the slot. I watched one game where he had over 300 all purpose yards, including over 200 rushing, plus several receiving and one kick return for TD. He just happened to have had a serious injury, but played anyway. He should have won the Heisman this year. IMHO. 😉

  2. C.J. Spiller had 2,680 all purpose yards. 1212 yds rushing, 503 receiving, 755 KO returns, and 210 punt returns in 2009.

  3. I KNEW that would get a rise out of a Clemson area reader!

  4. Jahvid Best #4 RB

    2009 STATS
    141 867 12

    364 2,668 (7.3 ave) 29

    C.J. Spiller, No. 28 RB

    2009 STATS
    216 1,212 12

    606 3,547 (5.8 ave.) 32

    Ryan Mathews #21 RB

    2009 STATS
    276 1,808 19

    534 3,280 (6.1 ave) 39

    Best is a touchdown machine. He is only a junior, so he has less yards and touchdowns than Spiller. Plus last season was cut short for Best by his knock out in the endzone. Obviously, the level of competition between the three backs was different, but to me Best just seems more dynamic and explosive. Mathews is great when he has a hole, but Best makes people miss.

  5. C.J. Spiller is the kind of back who makes people miss also. Even in that game where he had the 200+ yards, (and he had turf-toe), he was leaving “jocks” all over the place. I really can’t say how good Best is because I only saw him in one game, the one in which he got hurt. I agree with you, looking at his stats, that he is a good back, but how many receiving and ko return yards did he have in addition to his rushing yards? Spiller can hurt you in so many ways. I believe he even had a touchdown pass or two also.

  6. You got me on the returns.

    “Where Spiller sets himself apart, is his work on special teams as a return man this year. He set a new FBS record for career kickoff return touchdowns, with seven, adding four kickoff returns that went the distance this year. He accumulated 210 yards on 13 punt returns (a 16.2 yard average) and gained 708 yards on 21 kick returns (a 33.7 yard average).”

    Best only returned kickoffs. No TDs, but a solid 26 yard per return over his career.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare in the NFL. They’re both small backs. Sometimes they,(small backs), do good and sometimes they don’t.

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