More musings on the alleged snipped gas line…

This is an excellant comment following an excellant article at Sistertoldjah:  

“I read on The Richmond Times Dispatch the cut propane gas line in question was to an outdoor grill, which means it was most likely a propane bottle line. Why would someone go through the trouble of trespassing and risk being arrested just to sneak into someones backyard and cut something the person might not even use and find out about until Memorial Day?”

“This sounds fishy to me.”

“…most people turn the valve on the tank off after using their grill, but even if the valve was off the tank would bleed dry in minutes, so the homeowner would not only have to be home, but pretty much right on the back deck or patio with the perp when he cut the line to smell the gas or even hear it leaking.”

“Not saying Perriello’s brother wasn’t a victim of some dumbass, just saying, this just doesnt sound right to me.”

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