GOP Succeeds At Sending Reconciliation Bill Back To House

That’s right – make the bastards vote for it again.  After the gas BBQ line broke, after the bricks in the windows, and after the casket on the front lawn.  Please, go ahead, vote for that piece of shit again.  I love watching masochists in action.

The Republicans will only get a couple shots at this – at best.  And each time they have the opportunity to strip something out, or force another CBO scoring – which will piss people off even more.  Additionally, I believe if they strip out reconciliation measures there will be some Dem defections.  All we need is a couple and it’s another small step in the right direction.

The follow-up health care bill being considered by the Senate will have to return to the House for final congressional approval, after the Senate parliamentarian determined that two Republican challenges will succeed in stripping out language in the package.

A senior Senate Republican leadership aide told Fox News that Democrats had tried to improve the cost of the bill while simultaneously piling on Pell grants “without mandating the spending.” The aide said Democrats claimed the grants would increase, but were relying on a “future Congress” to find the funding.

“They can’t do that,” the aide said. “This was one of 100 gimmicks used to keep the score down.”

By Lipton T. Bagg

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