Ed Schultz wants the Government to take over radio stations

Know thy enemy.  From The Radio Equalizer.

And must read from Newsbusters: The Media Myth of Right Wing Violence.

6 responses to “Ed Schultz wants the Government to take over radio stations

  1. “Big Ed”does not want the government to do any such thing!..Folks,he’s just kidding..LOL! We have freedom of speech protected by the !st ammendment!The talk shows entertainers can say just about anything they wish to: the problem is, they should not have the “freedom to lie” & distort the truth…The government should bring back the “Fairness in Broadcasting”(that Pres. Reagan disposed of)where there is equal time for all views & opinions to be heard.Isn’t this the American way? What are we dying for in all the wars thoughout history? We are fighting for our rights,& freedom for all to be heard…not just for a few to be heard & a few to have rights!

  2. Okay… Sweet Lady is somebody’s idea of a joke of what a rabid liberal would say, right? Sort of a leftist on steroids. MOM, is that you playing a joke on us??

  3. Sweet Lady, obviously you don’t recall that there were several “liberal” radio shows. Air America is the only one that comes to mind right now because of Al Franken. They all had the same common thread…they all went “belly up” because they didn’t have the listeners. People who listen to radio shows also hear the ads from the sponsors and usually buy stuff. No listeners means no sales which means no sponsors which in turn means no revenue. Even liberal radio talkshow hosts like money. It’s what makes the world go ’round. A basic lesson in economics, I hope you were paying attention and took notes. There will be a test tomorrow.

  4. F@#? Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow: These Socialist-supporting, Communist-committed, Nontransparent-Cheating, False-Hope Preaching, Progressive-idiots want the U.S. Constitution Abolished, and/or at least heading in that direction. When Socialist-Dictators from 3rd-World countries praise your economic achievements, you better “MEASURE TWICE, and CUT ONCE” your understanding of your countries future.

    F@#? MSNBC.

    This is not CANADA! This is not a “HATE” speech from a ‘Right-Wing Nut,’ or even a ‘Right-Winger,’ this is an opinion from an AMERICAN who doesn’t need to think but UNDERSTAND that there is hate everywhere, against anyone, at anytime, about anything, from everywhere (there are BUSH haters on the left & OBAMA haters on the right).

    MSNBC, CNN, and the Obama Administration worry more about the well-being and opinions of Domestic/Islomic Terrorist then they do about the well-being and majority, that represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    If you can’t read or understand the Constitution, then get out of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, quickly!

    So we just passed a Health Care Law in order to know what is in it; written by a committee whose chairman says he didn’t understand it; passed by a congress that didn’t read it and exempts themselves from it; Signed by a hypocritical-president who is a smoker; from funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes; all to be overseen by a sergeon general who by military standards is obese; all to be financed by a country that is broke.


  5. Umm, I tend to agree wiff you Sylent. But ease up on the meds… 😉

  6. Or increase those meds, whichever is appropriate…

    PMS-NBC is simple a left-wing(wind?) media mouthpiece. With Universal taking ownership of NBC, that will not change.

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