A liberal thug (probably an SEIU member) poured water into my boat’s gas tank

When I tried to start my boat last spring, it wouldn’t fire.  Ten bottles of dry gasoline later, it was finally noted that the tank had gallons of water in with the gasoline.  It all had to be drained and it ruined our first hoped-for family trip to Lake Anna. 

This Rep. Tom Perriello snipped gas line crap made me remember it, and I also to remember that I neglected to blame anybody for it.  Big mistake. See how much publicity I could have gotten?  You know it had to be a liberal who did it.   (It had to be.  I’m a notorious rabble-rouser who deserved it, you liberals are probably thinking.)  And wasn’t that about the time when Obama told union members to get back into our faces?  Perhaps not, but it could have been.   

I also think that I saw Va. State Sen. Donald McEachin drive by my house last night and yell racial epithets at me.   Must have been him–who else would do such a thing?  If it really happened, and I wasn’t instead in a drunken stupor and imagining such things.   Or just making it up.

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