Tim Tebow asked the guys taking the Wonderlic exam with him if they wanted to pray first

Per “Profootballtalk” : Some guy supposedly said “Shut the f**# up!” and others supposedly laughed.   That may or not be true, and is not even particularly interesting to me. What is interesting is the comment section after the article.  All the hostile heathens and atheists came out like flies to bovine excrement.  Some examples:

“Haha. Sanctimonious zealot.”  “Throw his ass to the lions.” “hahahahahahahaha, awesome. he couldn’t just pray to himself? self-righteous prick. (yes, it is possible for someone who gives all the credit to god to still be self-righteous).” 

“Thump the bible at home Tebow. Most people don’t want to hear that shit!! .. including this guy.”  

“Said one of the other players in response: “Shut the f–k up.” Others players in the room then laughed.”  “hahahahahaha, awesome.”

“f’ing A dude, you’re hurting your cause by being such a freaking pharisee type. Makes you wonder why so many people won’t be sad when his get butt handed to him on a crucifix.”  

Someone find that unnamed player and give him a medal.   

“He should pray for a professional throwing motion. It won’t help, but as long as he wants to be a delusional nitwit he might as well go “full-Christian”.”  

“Hey Tim, God doesn’t give a sh!t about you scoring high on the wonderlic, or your football career, so shut the fk up man!”  

“…any adult who babbles on in public about their imaginary friend in the sky should expect to have such nonsense ridiculed and laughed at…i guess “shut the f*ck up” would also get the point across!” 

“Religion is a festering boil on the ass of progress.”  

“As much as I want to believe this story, it reeks of false rumor. Would he really request a prayer service in such a scenario. I think Tebow’s a douche, but he’s not that stupid.” 

And on and on and on and on they went.  Imagine if they talked that way about a faggot. Or a Muslim. Or made fun of a guy because he is black.  Or because he is an atheist.  Sometimes it seems as though Christians are the only fair game to make fun of.

UPDATE: Oh, geesh. Godless heathen flushed out, and Tim Tebow didn’t even say what they say he said

5 responses to “Tim Tebow asked the guys taking the Wonderlic exam with him if they wanted to pray first

  1. Warning: I’m going to rant a bit, so feel free to hit the back button on your browser.

    OK , It never ceases to amaze me how the consensus of MSM believe all is fair game if you are:

    * White,
    * Conservative,
    * Heterosexual,
    * Christian, or God forbid
    * All the above.

    Memo to all Liberals, Progressives and Statists within the sound of my voice, please grasp this – hate is hate. Doesn’t matter who or what your target is. If you drop a “cracker” on someone, don’t expect sympathy the next time someone drops an “N-bomb” on your sorry ass – and so on down the line.

    Matthew 5:39 (KJV) says: “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not meant to be a sign of weakness. It is intended to be a display of inner strength. What is really being said here is “be wise, and do not allow yourself to be drawn into foolish retaliation by insults and derogatory words.” The verse does NOT imply you let your ass be kicked.

    This is, in fact, a wise course of action. If drawn into debate, counter on the merits of their argument – especially Liberals – and your opponents will usually taste defeat.

    As Conservatives, we are more closely related to matters of faith than our “red-headed step-siblings” across the aisle. As such, I feel those with ideological differences take for granted that we will indeed “turn the other cheek” when voraciously insulted or demeaned. Of course this typically occurs in the course of a battle of intellect in which said Liberals forgot to bring bullets. They simply insert insults where facts are wont.

    To the extent we are able, it IS wiser to debate on facts and not allow slurs to become the focus. We are of course human, and at times are compelled to take the downhill path (and certainly more satisfying one in the short term) by offering our opponents a nice steaming cup of “Fk off and Die, Bitch.” Unfortunately, this more often than not weakens the strength of our position, thereby leaving our “left cheek” exposed.

    Liberals are Liberals. It’s not unlike Herpes and bad luggage – most are stuck with it forever. Their problem, not mine. If they choose to embrace their inner asshole, who am I to prevent it? Sometimes, I can take solace in that. Sometimes I, like so many others, just want to kick ass and take names. It’s also human to be pissed.

    Now back to the original discussion. I don’t know if the account is true or not. Since I have no particular man-love for Tebow it really doesn’t matter vis-a-vis the person. But I do have faith, and we should not have to fear embracing it openly. Or quietly accepting it if you believe differently. For some reason, Christians seem to fear being “outed”. The fact is many athletes pray before and after practices and game – and they have a God-given (and Constitutional) right to do so. If you are not interested in participating, politely decline and move on. And feel free to STFU if you don’t agree.

    What I am trying to reinforce is the strength in being right-minded (pun somewhat intended), opposed to simply being loud. Trust me folks, I fight this fight within myself most every day!

    And one last thing: remember, their back-handed slap of your cheek does one other thing – it leaves them open to your left hook or a roundhouse right. If it’s your only option, never be afraid to let your fists fly.

  2. HA! I scooped Hot Air. My post about this was up first, now they have it. Don’t ruin my minute of fame. Hot Air is my go to site, so when I notice something before them it gives me great joy…

  3. I remember when I was a young godless heathen in high school. Our public high school coach had us bow for a word of prayer before each game. It didn’t kill me. Even being agnostic back then, I didn’t want to mess with Karma or Whomever. They’d probably sue that coach now a days. I respected him.

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