Perriello gas line cut

I’d check out the Democrats around there.  Sounds like a perfect way to set up Tea Partiers:  “Oh, look, a Tea Party activist posted the address on line.  Let’s go snip the gas line, and make it look like arson, and they’ll get blamed for it!” 

And even if it was a real opponent of Perriello’s who was actually inspired by the so-called Tea Party activist, am I all upset about it? Nope.  I want U.S. Representatives to have the fear of God put into them.  You work for us you sons of bitches.  You bastards want to start ramming down our throats legislation that is not supported by the majority, then expect to have your lives made miserable.  Karma is a bitch.   

Just get Perriello’s address correct next time mate. 

Oh, and if some punk ass liberal thinks this personal opinion of mine is somehow “inciting” some one else to violence, come get some.  You bastards thought it was funny when that camel jockey threw a shoe at GWB, and when a movie was made about President Bush’s fictional assassination. 

UPDATE: Here’s somebody who thinks like me, who made a comment to the Charlottesville Daily Progress.    

“It is not out of the Rahm of possibility here that this is a staged incident.”
“Leninist Steny Hoyer (D-MD) assembled the lapdog media today with a phony concern that Democrats may be the target of violence.  An all too convenient allegation from the brother of a Congressman whose address was posted suspiciously raises many red flags.” 
“This alleged incident may be as phony as the alleged “n” word that black Democrat members of Congress alleged to have heard but was never picked up by various video and audio sources on site. 
With the backdoor deals, coercions and threats made to people like Tom Periello by the Chicago Mob, he may be in too deep at this point to back away from these people.”

2 responses to “Perriello gas line cut

  1. We have no use for this – it just weakens our cause.

    Whether it’s a Tea Partier or not, whomever is responsible needs to be punished to the full extent of the law (for hitting the wrong house).

    I’m just saying…

  2. It’s too bad the liberal stunt went awry. Maybe they can try for pellosini next time and get it right this time.:)

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