Harris Poll Obama the AntiChrist

He's not the antiChrist. He's the Devil himself.

Seeee! Republicans aren’t so dumb.   They figured out what this squirrelly POS is all about while most Democrats are too stupid to understand that he is Satan incarnate. 

Do I really believe that he is the antiChrist? Nah.  He’s an insignificant little stuffed suit who is in over his head. He was perfectly qualified to be a little neighborhood rabble rouser, but now he is the perfect example of an affirmative action plan gone awry.  But if Harris or anybody else asked me those idiotic questions, I’d give them the same idiotic answers that they were looking for.  I suspect many Dems would have said the same thing out of spite during GWB’s hey day.

4 responses to “Harris Poll Obama the AntiChrist

  1. Here is my issue with Obama – he’s a dichotomy.

    As a person, Barack Obama is insignificant – little more than a spoiled (half) black child raised by Fascists. However, as POTUS he becomes quite significant. His danger to our society, indeed the world, is in his position – not his person.

    In my military life, I was taught to respect the rank, not the person who wears it. I knew many person whose collar or lapel I crisply saluted – knowing full well if it were a personal salute, it would be with a single finger. Same here, respect the position – mad dislike for the man.

    And hoping the position still has some dignity and relevance when we toss this zealot out on his ass.

  2. I just finished building my wife a new set of steps going into her outside laundry room. I’ve been so mad about this latest debacle from the WH, that I got out out my trusty antique handsaw and cut everything by hand. It was a good workout and I actually started to work up a sweat. Crosscutting 2×6’s and 2×8’s by hand gives you time to think. I kept seeing Oblama’s head stretched across the board I was cutting. Gave me some added incentive. 😉

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