Brick thrown through democratic headquarters in NY

What do you call two bricks thrown through the windows of democratic head quarters?  A good start.  Somewhere there is a hero or two in New York.  Do I advocate doing likewise elsewhere? Only if you can get away with it.  Stimulate the economy, send a message, and make democrats use their money fixing windows instead of buying votes.  What a stroke of genius that person or persons had. 

Graffiti is also an option for those of you who are more artistically inclined.  Those in more rural areas might want to opt for a dump truck of horse shit piled in front of the door.  Those in the city might try a quart bottle of Schlitz Malt Liquor filled with piss instead and smashed on the sidewalk out front.  Use  your imagination, people.  Be creative.  Prizes and medals will be awarded. Just be safe.  Photos–and free whining– from halfempty

Hell, put that brick up for auction on ebay, I'd pay good $ for it

11 responses to “Brick thrown through democratic headquarters in NY

  1. Oh for those days of my youth, occasionally spent placing burning bags of shit on the front porch.

  2. Or driving thru neighborhoods destroying mailboxes with baseball bats. Or so I’ve read on the internet

  3. The baseball bat scenario, while possibly sound in theory, has a real potential for unintended injury to the wielder of the bat and frequently destroys the rear window of the vehicle, unless of course practiced from the bed of a pickup. My experience is that M-80s and cherry bombs present fewer hazards to the miscreant and the side benefit of shrapnel.

  4. Well, I read in that same article that the poster went on to serve as a US Army SpecOps Sergeant, was awarded two Meritorious Service medals, 4 Army Commendation medals, two Purple Hearts and now argues with people on the internet. So perhaps those mailboxes didn’t die in vain…

  5. the LAST time I threw a brick thru a window…NO GLASS CAME BACK OUTSIDE. Someone is too stoopit to realize this and should be charged with falsifying reports and racial intimidation !

  6. There is no excuse what-so-ever for these outrageous attacks on any politician! Are these Crazy People really upset about the passing of a Health care give sick human beings a chance to live?..OR is there a deeper psychological problem(which can be treated by this new Health Care Reform) I pity the people that are so mentally disturbed that they have to resort to violence to express their frustration against their government. A “real good start” for these maladjusted people is to get on the new health care “Psychiatric Program”! What a stroke of genius this is! Hooray !! ..for Health care! FOR ALL AMERICANS! This is the “hopey,changey, thingey” we’ve been a-waiting for!

  7. Sweet Lady, I do so hope this new “hopey,changey, thingey” will cover the cost of treating that chemical addiction you obviously have. If not, I can supply a diagram and written instructions for a do-it-yourself lobotomy.

  8. Please forgive my earlier post, having read some of Sweet Lady’s other comments, it’s clear that she had already successfully performed the operation.

  9. I can see sweet lady’s point. After all, people such as this who suffer from OBS (organic brain syndrome – google it) do nothing but fall deeper into delusional states until totally incoherent. I’m sure ObamaCare will cover this.

    She seems about half way there. But thanks for posting Sweet Lady. We all need a good laugh now and then.

  10. Dear,Mom* & Lipbag*….what pyschiatric hopitals (where you are both confirm to) that allows the mental patients to use their computers to send e-mails..sounds like the inmates are running the asylum! LOL

  11. “confirm to”? You meant “confined to”?—OHHHH, Sweet Lady is spelling challenged. No problem. I spell like shit too. Alcohol is my exczeu, wattz yerz?

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