Am I the only one who doesn’t “get” Twitter?

What is the point? What am I missing? As if I care what somebody says in a sentence or less. Unless it says “Obama resigns” or “Pelosi had a stroke” then I could care less. I’ll wait to read it in the news.   Or is there something else that it is good for that I am missing?

5 responses to “Am I the only one who doesn’t “get” Twitter?

  1. I don’t get twitter either…or have it. I also don’t understand or get facebook. That’s because I’m a neanderthal computer illidiot. I also don’t do texting on my cell phone either. All I want is a phone that works when I need it. I got tired of my last phone taking a picture of my ass every time I sat down in my truck.


  2. Twitter is a repackaging of IRC with some slight feature differences.
    With TweetDeck, it’s actually a useful tool; for example, one-sentence-at-a-time blogging of an event off of a phone.

  3. Well, I don’t quite know what IRC is either. 🙂 And since I don’t use my phone for texting, tweeting would be beyond my ken, also. Although I’ve read somewhere that if you don’t facebook or tweet, you might have trouble finding a good job. What does a master carpenter need all this technology for anyway? You still need a hammer to pound a nail, right?

  4. To offer a slightly different spin – I propose to GET Twitter, bit I don’t really WANT Twitter.

    There are some who believe the world moves fast enough without the impulsive desire to electronically document the next thought which fires through your cerebral synapses. I don’t fault those who want to play in that sandbox, but it hardly makes me a Luddite to admit that I’m older, hopefully a bit wiser, and have learned from many past experiences that blurting out the next thought in my head may be a bad idea.

    Just one (older) mans opinion…

  5. I agree with you 100% LTB. Especially the last sentence in your post.;)

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