Irish Girls Rule 5

You can never have too much Rule 5

All the Irish do is get drunk and sing sad songs about dropping dead. Once a year, we let them march down the street, all boozed up on their disgusting warm brown beer. Then they stuff themselves with potatoes and cabbage and stink up the place!…” [Yeah? What’s yer point!?]

“What have the Irish ever done for America? They stuck us with those damn Kennedys, that’s what. Between their Old Man the crooked bootlegger, down to fat Teddy boy, that family is an embarrassment, not to mention a danger to public safety! Ralph Nader fellow should’ve left General Motors alone and gone after the Kennedys. The [Kennedy’s]  cars should have warning labels instead of bumper stickers….”

That said, I’m a good 1/4 Irish (mebbe more– me ma’s da was adopted and of questionable lineage, so it could be as high as 1/2) AND I WILL be joining in the festivities today. The Kennedys be damned!

Who dunt like Catholic school girls?


8 responses to “Irish Girls Rule 5

  1. Sorry, boss: implied domestic abuse falls short of humor.

  2. It seemed funny at the time…

  3. Implied domestic abuse? Is that the gastronomical result of corned beef, cabbage and beer? In my home it would be…

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  5. I would hope that your history classes would mention all the Irish that fought the civil war, I believe it was over 60% percent of our ancestors. Yes we do drink a little however, it would be better to take over the world.

  6. “Yes we do drink a little however, it would be better to take over the world.

    Oh the great good Lord, in his infinite wisdom…!

  7. Q…What’s worse than a drunk Irishman?

    A…A sober Irishman. 😉

  8. I really love the redhead one!! she’s so cute and gorgeous!!! what’s her name??

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