“DIE Negro DIE” can get you prosecuted

Heh. Free speech is way over-rated when you have a black man in the White House and you write a poem that includes the words “DIE negro DIE” in it. On a “white supremacy” blog site.   In fact, it can get you get prosecuted.  Now if it said “DIE whitey DIE” it would probably be contained in a typical sermon by Rev. Wright, and if you listened to it for twenty years, you too could be elected President.  And let’s not forget  how the left treated Bush.

want some fries with that?

I’m not condoning the sentiment or the so-called white supremacist web site or the author of the poem, but what part of “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech” doesn’t that judge understand?  Just as the other constitutional rights are protected at the edges, so too is the freedom of speech. Our rights as law-abiding citizens are no better than the foulest criminal. If the cops can break in the door to foil a drug dealer or a child molester, they can break down your door or mine. If they can prosecute a racist over a stupid ass poem, they can prosecute you or me for writing about it on a blog that nobody reads.

3 responses to ““DIE Negro DIE” can get you prosecuted

  1. Die Negro Die could be interpreted as a terrorist threat. Freedom of speech doesn’t extend to terrorist threats…

  2. Your breath stinks and yer momma wears combat boots could be construed as a terroristic threat with that kinda logic.

    • Well, there is a double standard. Yes, there is a law against threatening the president, but who ever heard of the Bush administration using the law?

      But I suppose the Bush administration can by excused. There are so Liberals saying irreponsible things, who has time to prosecute them all? On the other hand, most people do not have such chicken hearts. When they threaten to kill someone, they mean it. So maybe Obama got scared — being that he is a Liberal, and he is trying to run everything and anything, and he knows how many people don’t like it.

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