Jim DeMint for President!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and endorse Jim DeMint for President in 2012.  Mitt? Too New England. Sure, Mitt,  you’ve learned to tack right during the primaries and to say the right things, but I don’t trust any Republican from Massachusetts, sorry.  Sarah Palin? I love how she sticks it to the man, but come back in a few years, when you aren’t so beautiful, and when you’ve had more seasoning. Ronald Reagan waited several decades before he sprang on the scene.  Huck? Are you kidding? He should be selling snake oil, not running for President.  McCain? Puke. In. My. Mouth.  I don’t even support  him for Senator.

This Politico article sealed the deal: 

….”Examples of his senatorial poor form keep growing. DeMint has refused to endorse some of his fellow Republican senators facing intraparty challenges from the right. [Oh! The horrors!] He openly backs some candidates opposed by his party’s Senate leadership [Such as Rubio over Crist and Hayworth over McCain!] . And he is unabashed in announcing that the best way to win influence in the Senate is not by making friends and patiently massaging the legislative process but by exerting public pressure from activists and the media to bear on his colleagues. [Let the People decide!? God forbid!]…

“His new stump speech mantra: “I’d rather have 30 Marco Rubios than 60 Arlen Specters.”

What do you guys think? If not DeMint, then whom?

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 Maybe we can get “Mom” to be the DeMint Girl and make a sexy video for him??

19 responses to “Jim DeMint for President!

  1. There are worse choices. Like McCain. Or Christ. Or Brown. Or…..

    The issue I have with the Republican Party is they keeping bringing these unelectable retreads to the market. Hell, Firestone stopped selling retreads to the public years ago, and so should the RNC!

    We have the Socialist issue before us now PRIMARILY because the RNC did not bring a viable candidate to the forefront in 2008. Obama basically won by default. DeMint is, IMHO, electable. So are a few other new, more conservative governors (like you have in VA) and congressman with little in the way of political baggage.

    As I have previously blogged, if a true, viable conservative option is given to the voters, he or she will make Obama a one-termer who will be measured against Carter and Johnson as the worst ever.

    But as a matter of record, I would rather have both houses of Congress than the Presidency. But better we have them all to un-do the massacre of life and liberty we are witnessing today.

    That just my opinion.


  2. No, Tom, but I probably should, eh? I’m not totally serious about DeMint for President–I haven’t studied him enough, but everything I hear I like.

    Lipton, I am not sure DeMint is unelectable against Obama. I think I could beat Obama if he keeps on this course. Who do you think is electable?

    And I’d say Brown is an unknown entity–just another pretty face, a younger version of Arlen Specter or John McCain. I’ll vote for a stump post before I’ll vote Johnny Mac again.

  3. Given that the hair on my legs could pass for barbed wire, I would suggest Sheldon for the sexy video model, he is much more effiminate.

  4. While we’re at it, perhaps we should vet our potential nominees in a different fashion. A simple lifestyle test would probably give a better indication of their Presidential mettle than an analysis of decades of Congressional votes and soundbites. I would suggest the following questions and threshold answers:

    1. Coffee – Black (only pansies drink latte or use flavored cream, I would prefer to trust the “football” to someone who actually likes his morning beverage from the bottom of the truckstop urn)

    2. Beverage of Choice – (Winter) Scotch,- Single Malt, (Summer) Gin, Bombay – Saphire (Anybody who claims to prefer bourbon or Tanqueray is a poseur)

    3. Car maintenance – does it themselves (and that includes transmissions) I don’t trust anybody who won’t get their hands dirty to save substantial dollars, if they aren’t tight with their own money I have no reason to believe they will be with ours.

    4. Vehicle of choice – anything with rear-wheel drive, 4/5 on the floor (except for old school Mercedes), burns high-test and is likely to fail an emmissions inspection. Tree-hugging Prius pilots are getting their just rewards, God doesn’t like smug, judgemental hypocrites and thus rapidly accelerates them into walls.

    5. Defense – Remington 870, says everything in that it doesn’t even have to be loaded, any potential perps run from the sound of “racking” it. This choice shows fundamentally sound judgement.

    6. Beer – Anything that is not “light/lite”. Malt beverages were meant to be consumed in mass quantities without regard for the potential impact on the waistline, that’s what exercise and sex were created to offset. Besides, who can wash down a bag of Pork Rinds with a Coors Light.

    7. Sports – Any number of answers are acceptable, ie: football, baseball, NASCAR, etc. Soccer is an immediate disqualifier, I don’t want some Eurotrash poseur who thinks ties are acceptable setting policy.

  5. Mom, I LIKE the way you think! Perhaps instead of a video, you could be Secretary of State. If one of those third world countries catches you on a bad part of the month, pity those fools.

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  7. I do suggest you read Demint’s book.

    When we pick a candidate for president, I suggest two criteria.

    1. We pick someone who is both fiscally and socially Conservative. That person has to have shown they will tenaciously fight to cut taxes and spending. In addition, our candidate must have worked to keep the government out of our lives. It is bad enough that Liberals oppose laws against abortion, euthanasia, pornography, perverted sexual practices, and so forth. What is purely ridiculous is that they insist the rest of us APPROVE. In the name of religious freedom, Liberal Democrats would subvert religious freedom.

    2. We pick someone with management experience. I suggest a big city mayor or governor. The only way we will know how somebody will behave as president is to see how they have conducted themselves in a lesser role. Some people cannot manage themselves when they are in charge. For example, they overreach. Look what the Democrats have done to themselves with Obama. Do we want a Conservative Obama? I don’t think. Reagan succeeded because he focused on the primary objective. He fought the USSR and ended the Cold War.

    Based solely on his political activities, Senator Jim Demint would be a great choice. Unfortunately, he has not served in the role of an elected manager (see http://demint.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Biography.Home). So we cannot be certain what might result if we elected him president. What is the point in taking the risk that we might be trading a great senator for a poor president?

    In one respect, I agree with Lipton T. Bagg. Congress is key. Unless we elect Conservatives to Congress, we will not move either our government or our nation in a Conservative direction. Consider the problem Reagan faced. All by himself he could accomplish little. It was all he could do to stare down the USSR, cut taxes a bit, reduce spending a bit, and delay the day we elected fools like the ones we have in charge now.

  8. I don’t strongly disagree with anything that you said, but I will point out that two successful recent presidents only had political experience in the House and Senate, LBJ and Gerald Ford. Granted, both were one term Presidents, but both were very effective (not saying I agree with what they did, just that they performed well). LBJ rammed through Civil Rights Legislation that likely few other Presidents could. Vietnam undid him, not his lack of ability. Ford, taking over for Nixon and in a very bad political situation, nevertheless wielded the veto pen with a flourish. My Uncle Jim, who was a flaming liberal, nevertheless always told me that he thought Ford was the most effective President in his lifetime.

    And I too agree that we need conservatives in the House and Senate, but the reality is that many states will never elect conservatives. It does us no good to have a Republican in the WH, even if we have a majority in the House and Senate (as did GWB) if the President never reigns in the big spenders and never vetoes a bad bill. And even if the Dems control the House and the Senate, a veto takes 2/3 votes in both the Senate and the House. That is a powerful tool, which GWB left un-used virtually his entire 8 years. From what I’ve seen of DeMint, he would not have been so foolish.

  9. Foreign policy is easy, you take the Teddy Roosevelt approach, send out the Great White Fleet, when somebody pisses you off, you paint it grey and sail it into their home port. Speak loudly, carry a big stick and use it. The answer to “How can you do that?” is “Because we can!”

  10. John – We have two different threads of thought here.

    Thread 1 – Management Experience

    Neither Johnson or Ford, both relatively respectable gentlemen, had exactly the sort of management experience I propose. Nonetheless, they both had managed people before they got into the White House. Both Ford and Johnson had served as congressional leaders. Getting Congressmen to work together must be like herding cats. If done properly, such a job does allow one’s ego to get in the way.

    Johnson was the Senate Majority Leader and the Kennedy’s VP. Similiarly, Ford served as the Minority Leader in the House. Both men also served as officers in the military during WWII.

    Obama has only managed his campaign. Demint’s management credentials are somewhat better than Obama’s. He is the Chair of the Senate Steering Committee, and he has run his own business (from his book). Nonetheless, we are talking about electing someone to run the whole Federal Government.

    Check out. http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents

    Thread 2 – What Defines Conservative Victory

    Taking over the presidency or congress is not what counts. In the long run we have make certain we educate people properly. That does not mean Conservatives run the school system. What it means is that we expect parents to control how their children are educated, and we don’t let government get in the way.

    Such a task involves fiscally and socially Conservative leaders taking over every level of government in substantial numbers. To do that properly will either require decades of hard work or a great national epiphany. Given what Obama and the Liberal Democrats are doing in Congress right now, we may just get that national epiphany. When We the People finally realize government cannot be trusted to run every aspect of our lives — particularly with the education of our children — then We the People will start looking for ways and leaders who will put responsibility and authority back where it belongs, with the individual.

  11. Drat it. I have a habit of dropping negatives.


    If done properly, such a job does NOT allow one’s ego to get in the way.

  12. Tom, agreed. But who out there fights like DeMint and has the qualifications of which you speak? Grant was a drunken washed up old vet who failed at every thing he tried, yet Lincoln elevated him to commander of the entire Union army.

    What the liberals do best is they fight for the long haul. They infested education years ago and have spent years indoctrinating our children. We can’t retake lost ground in one or two election cycles. This is a battle that has been raging for years, and conservatives haven’t even bothered to show up all too often.

    MOM, can I contact you via email about an idea I have for a new post? No need to tell me your email if the one you list when you comment is good, and I won’t reveal it to anyone.

  13. Mom:

    With regard to Teddie, we totally agree. The loss of proud American patriots because of governmental ineptitude is, to me, a crime which borders on treason. I have not always believed our intervention was the right thing – we made our mistakes – but if we do go, damnit send the big boys – ALL OF EM – let them do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make mission and then being em home.

    Pussy-footing around in the false name of diplomacy is BS – and it fill the ground with sadness and loss.

    Lipton T. Bagg,
    SSG, US Army Special Operations 18D

  14. Give me an e-mail address to reply to.

  15. One more thing – given the choice of having the world like us or fear our wrath, I choose the later. And so should our government.

    If they like us too, great. If not, fk em….

  16. Being that I just found this site today, I’m sorry I missed the Jim Demint thread. I agree whole heartedly that Demint run in 2012. But I don’t think he will. I live in his state. But it also is the state of the dishonorable Lindsey “amnesty” Graham. He used to live a short distance from me. But the heat got too much for him locally and he moved to Columbia where the political atmosphere is more palatable to him. If I have anything to say about it, he will be looking for a new job when he comes up for reelection.

  17. Mr. G, welcome. How did you find us? Also, in regards to the “It depends on the meaning of “is” is” question that you had: NO, I oppose a national I.D. card, at least for American citizens. I was just pointing out what a liar Obama is…

  18. I’ll be damn if I know how I found this site. I go to so many conservative sites and if I see something that interests me, I click on it. It might have been a link from Brietbart’s site, Big Government. Regardless, I’m glad I found it.

    And yes, Obama is the great liar.

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