Virginia shows Obama and Pelosi and Reid how bipartisanship works

Bill Mims was elected to the Virginia Supreme Court with unanimous support from both parties.  For those unfamiliar, Dems control the House of Delegates and Pubs control the Senate.  I do not know a thing about Bill Mims–I might even oppose him as a Justice if I knew what he was about–so this is not a comment in support of him.  It is in support of finding justices that both sides can agree on instead of looking for the most partisan hack that one side loves and the other hates and ramming that person through confirmation. 

Meanwhile, speaking of partisan hacks, “Anoetosophobic” over at RockDem thinks Dems will lose the 2010 elections because they “have no spines!”  No, you moron, they will lose because they are seeking to enact partisan legislation that is opposed by the majority of Americans.  Instead, they are attempting to pander to their liberal base and a majority of Americans reject that position.

If–if– national Democrats took a page out of Virginia’s playbook they could easily pass legislation that could help the health care situation, and attack pollution and energy conservation, and the budget, etc.  If they sought to make changes that were supported by a majority of the people.  But that is just it–they do not want to enact legislation that is supported by a majority–they want to ram their far left agenda down an unwilling majority’s collective throats. That’s not how our system of government is supposed to  operate, but despite polls, protests, calls and letters, they are just not listening. That is the real reason the Dems will lose this fall.

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