I remember President Reagan. Mr. Obama, you are no President Reagan!

Mark S. Mellman wrote an article for “The Hill” –“Some quick to write off Obama.”   His basic point was that it is too early to write off  The One because at this point in Reagan’s first term he was even more unpopular, and he lost many seats in the first House elections.  He claims that both Reagan then and Obama now lost popularity due to the terrible economies both inherited.  Reagan’s economy roared back, his popularity soared, and he was re-elected in a landslide.  There are many problems with his juvenile analysis, but I’ll just block and paste some of the responses from his readers.   His readers say it best.

“The author makes an elementary mistake by failing to grasp the fundamental distinction between Reagan and Obama. The former bet his political future on the power of (relatively) unfettered capitalism to lift all economic boats, while the latter is staking his future on big government solutions to all our social problems. Good luck with that, Mr. President.”

“Ooo… I hope that all the Democrats believe this! Don’t worry. Be Happy. Don’t change course – keep doing the same things. Take over the auto business. Kowtow to Wall Street and foreign leaders. Ignore Iran’s nuclear plans. Dither in Afghanistan. Ignore the economy. Push an unpopular health plan. Deficits don’t matter. Raise taxes. Yep. Nothing to worry about. It is just a phase the public is going through. They will forget everything and re-elect Pelosi, Reid, and Obama for sure.”

“The continuing hope that Obama’s popularity and fortunes will rise from the ashes like Reagan’s are laughable. What should be continuing are apologies to Reagan that his name is mentioned in the same sentence as Obama’s, The differences between the two are many. First, Obama is a serial liar, whereas you could generally rely on Reagan to tell the truth. Two, Reagan was smart and had an ear for the people, whereas you are hard pressed to find one smart thing Obama has done since taking office; and Obama is about to cram health care down the throats of the majority of Americans who have health care who will see their coverage change for the worse for the benefit of a few when less intrusive solutions will clearly achieve much the same result. Lastly, the continuing polls that always show Obama is personally popular with the majority of the American people while his policies are not, are a joke. Its doubly funny that the media keeps pointing this out as a sign Obama is tight with the American people. How dumb this continues to be! Give people more credit than that. A good number of people do not give the answer they truly believe to these pollsters—that Obama is a total disaster—because they do not want to be accused to be racists. Here is the real answer…Obama is despised as much as his programs, and the American people cannot wait to dismantle his support structure in 2010, before voting him out in 2012.”

“Reagan was a conservative President of a center-right nation. Obama is a bait-and-switch Liberal. Reagan was a scrapper who faced a hostile Dem congress, yet prevailed. Obama can’t pass his own bills with an 80 seat majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate. Obama is no Reagan.”

And many more just like these.  Mr. Mellman, meet your new asshole.  They just tore you a new one.

6 responses to “I remember President Reagan. Mr. Obama, you are no President Reagan!

  1. Spot on! I had the privelege of meeting Reagan while I served in the US Army. He brought a magnitism into every room like no one I had ever met, or met since.

    Sadly, Obama only makes we want to shower with ScotchBrite to get the scum off my skin – and out of the White House. But that’s just me…

  2. Apologies for bad spelling. Good home-made beer and a quick draw on the mouse button is a bad combination…

  3. No worries! I tried homebrew once, and botched it. Skunkyyyyy. Haven’t had the nuts since to try again.

  4. Guys, we used to make Bilge Wine on those 10 days trips to the Med or a 6 days quick cruise…Never came out right but always got ya where you wanted to be…..

  5. My grand father made dandelion wine, during Prohibition and the Great Depression. Sounds gross, but like Frank says…

  6. Alcohol is similar to sex. The only thing worse than bad is none…

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