Dan Riehl sucks

Real Riehl bad. Glen Beck allegedly misquotes a George Washington quote (that’s not my point whether it was said by George Washington).  So according to asshat Dan, here is Dan Reihl Sucks’ conclusion:

“We need to reject demagogy in all its forms. And if Beck can’t clean up his act given all his resources, then we have to reject him. No agenda will prevail to good effect with an ignorant buffoon leading the effort.”

No room for honest mistake.  No room for notifying Beck’s staff and informing them of the error. Nope.  Dan immediately attacks like the “Little Green Footballs” Wannabe” that he is.  Now, normally I would counsel cutting Dan some slack if it had been an honest mistake on his part. But this is a deliberate attack on a guy who should be an ally of all conservatives.  Over something that should be a molehill.  This exposes that piece of sh!t for what he is.  Never again will I voluntarily read a word Riehl writes.  If I wanted to read Charles Johnson or Mehgan McCain I would go directly to their blog sites.  Why bother with a cheap immitation?

UPDATE: What does John Doe do when called a retard with a bad haircut by Charles Johnson Jr.?  Why, he doubles down of course!

UPDATE II:  The Classic Liberal gets it!  Well said!  That’s what I was trying to say when I so un-diplomatically lost my head towards Charles Johnson Jr. , er Dan Riehl.   He was just the latest in a  host of pinheads who attack fellow conservatives.  Just stop!

17 responses to “Dan Riehl sucks

  1. Whoa! Please reconsider, sir.

    There have been times that Dan Riehl and I have very strongly disagreed, but I don’t think you really want to start this kind of pissing match with Dan.

    You like Glenn Beck. I like Glenn Beck. Dan Riehl obviously does not like Glenn Beck, and you are certainly free to argue with Dan about that. But titling a post “Dan Riehl sucks” is not a smart way to start that argument.

    Myself, I make a point of not arguing with Dan if I can help it. If we disagree, we disagree and just go our separate ways. But there are certain people you don’t ever want as an enemy, and Dan Riehl is one of them.

    I’m just sayin’ . . .

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  3. Dan Riehl is right.

    Playing loose with the facts only leads to disaster. As an old fan of Glenn Beck prior to the Fox days, I am disappointed.

    There are times when I wince, knowing full well the content is not following the record. Facts matter.

    On more than a few occassions, Beck has overtly exaggerated the Defict responsibility to the Bush Administration, for his mindless equating of the two Parties. It is irresponsible, and will only lead to further hyperbole and misguided fashion.

    Conservatives are better than this, and Beck is playing such a ‘libertarian independent’ game, with large doses of hubris, he is sometimes making matters far worse for all.

    Somedays, when Beck is pushing the ‘Founders’, it becomes clear, the concept he provides is far, far, far from what the original Founding Fathers had in mind.

    In fact, some of the isolationist denial is simply irrational.

  4. LOL! McCain got an Instalanche. and you got 3 comments. I guess 4 counting me. Who sucks?

  5. I’ve got to concur with Little Miss Attila. You already come off looking like a complete ass for suggesting that anyone who disagrees with or dislikes Glenn Beck sucks and should be equated with Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson, really?

    But as much as that makes you look like an ass, you are only compounding your own, shall we say, asshat status by not using spell check.

    Ironically, you’ve probably gotten more traffic from Dan Riehl than you usually get on a normal day (I’m guessing about two hits). Enjoy it while you can, for now those of us who are just Charles Johnson wannabes — although, I really prefer Dan Riehl’s Army, myself — will relegate you to the status of guy we don’t link to because he can’t spell and calls people names to compensate for his own inadequacies. And when I say inadequacies, yep, I do mean what you’re thinking.

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  7. “Playing loose with the facts”? Good Lord, Beck made a comment that a certain quote was attributable to George Washington, but it later turns out that it cannot be proven that Washington made it, and that is “playing loose with the facts?” How about an honest mistake? Or just a bonebeaded mistake? But no, Charles Johnson Jr. has to accuse Beck of demagoguery and call him an ignorant buffoon.

    Oooooh, Nate, join our little clique or we won’t be link-buddies with you? Like I would want some juvenile who resorts to insults not heard since my grammar school playground days to link here? I’ll pass.

    I do not suggest that “anybody who disagrees with or dislikes Beck sucks or should be equated with Charles Johnson,” I say straight out that if you intentionally attack fellows on our side for such puny reasons, THEN you suck. Disagreeing or disliking are fine, I do it all the time. Put on your big-girl panties and tell the world that you caught the great Glenn Beck in a mistake, collect your little 2 minutes of fame. But attack him and call him an ignorant buffoon, at least indirectly, THEN you are no better than Charles Johnson.

  8. “Like I would want some juvenile who resorts to insults not heard since my grammar school playground days to link here?”


    “Dan Riehl sucks”

    “asshat Dan”

    “Little Green Footballs Wannabe”

    “piece of sh!t”

    I wasn’t the one who first resorted to juvenile insults here. I just assumed since they so pervaded your blog post, grammar school playground must be your native tongue. And I’m nothing if not multicultural!

  9. Like I said, “Now, normally I would counsel cutting Dan some slack if it had been an honest mistake on his part. But this is a deliberate attack on a guy who should be an ally of all conservatives. Over something that should be a molehill.”

  10. Beck is a demagogue. He’s entertaining and funny, but in the end he’s just stirring up the herd. Everything he knows about his craft he learned from watching Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry.

  11. Beck is “stirring up the herd” while you and I sit on our asses blogging, being read by handfuls of people. I’ll leave it to your fertile imagination to figure out which is the more important service to the conservative community…

  12. Agree with you JD. Notice how the liberals ALMOST NEVER attack their own – no matter how stupid they are. I mean Huff Puff could spend all day attacking MSNBC and Daily Kos for their stupidity and craziness – but no, they prefer to spend their time attacking conservatives.

    Meanwhile we have bloggers like Pattricio, Dan or Captain Ed. These guys are never heppier than when their trashing Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, or any other conservative. I think they’re all angling for the “reasonable conservative” slot on MSNBC or NPR.

  13. Thanks RC. When you are attacked, viciously, for standing up for a good man, it makes you wonder. I needed that.

  14. JD – You should re-read your last comment and note the irony. And btw, stirring up the herd doesn’t make the sheep into men. And btw2, you don’t know me…so I would caution you against judging what I do or do not do for the conservative cause.

    Why do you think that GB is a conservative when the man describes himself as a libertarian? Just wondering…not attacking…viciously or otherwise.

  15. Look, asshole, I would have stood up for Charles Johnson Jr, er I mean Dan Reihl, if he had been attacked. I don’t allow asshats to attack conservatives.

    I don’t care what Beck calls himself, he is one of those on my side. It’s like porn, I know it when I see it. Beck is out there fighting for many of my causes, and he gets attacked enough by the left, he doesn’t need little punks like Riehl taking cheap shots at him from behind.

    Yer right, I don’t know you, never heard of you, and that is precisely my point. Beck is out front daily, you are, well, remaining obscure and anonymous.

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