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Disturbing gun news

Off duty security guard who killed a crazy man who was attacking a psychiatrist with a knife was cleared of criminal wrong doing.  After a five month probe.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Hmmmm.  It would take me two minutes to finish the probe.  What were those idiots up in Massachusetts thinking about? 

A “pot activist” who legally shot and nearly killed an intruder into his residence had his guns confiscated by the police, and now is forbidden from purchasing replacement weapons. WTF? Federal law supposedly says that if you use a controlled substance you are ineligible to purchase a gun.  He is a medical marijuana user.  Sooo, they can take away your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms without convicting you of illegal use now?  That’s why I keep mine loaded and handy.

Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer

Smash Mouth Politics has been designated as a Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer (PDT) by the IRS Office of Employee Protection.   The FBI is watching us. 

Actually, I had a pleasant experience with the IRS recently.  They sent me a letter claiming that I owed over $9,000 and said prove that I did not owe it or just start making payments.  I called up and explained myself to one young lady.  It took too long to get through, and she left me on hold a couple of times, but finally came back on and said it was all straight.  What a relief.  I see why people hate them, though.  They have all the power and can make our lives miserable. Nobody likes to be put in that position.

Harry Reid Supporters throw eggs at Tea Party bus

Then lie about it to police (short video).  “Know thine enemy”, Sun Tzu Wu.

Jahvid Best is the best running back in the 2010 draft

I don’t even think it is close.  I’m no California fan, I just can’t see how anybody can think it is even close after watching his highlight films from 2008 and 2009.  Some say that he is not an every down back.  But they said that about Chris Johnson, too, who is listed at about the same height and weight  (5’11”, 200 lbs. for Johnson, 5’10” for Best).  All Johnson did was lead the NFL in rushing last year. 

And, if you totally ignore everything else in this post, GO see this scary video of Best knocking himself out in the end zone scoring a touchdown.  Look at the height he gets on his leap.  It’s incredible.  Most draft analysts have him slipping into the second round–I hope the Lions take  him as the second pick in the second round!   

Jahvid Best flying over a defender

Erykah Badu does Dallas

Or at least Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll.  A little “The Other McCain” Rule 5 action for a slow Tuesday. 

Dealey Plaza


To the tune of her new music video “Window Seat” (click on the ankh symbol to start the video).  She takes it all off, but blocks out her naughty bits.  Girl is packing some serious heat in the behind, though.  Oh, and I actually really liked the video, although it starts out way too slowly. 


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Hutaree website: News you can use

Assault rifle: Don't enter "The Tribulation" without one

For instance, how to make a slow sand water filter, and how to survive during the “bug out” period (evidently the time from when the “shit hits the fan” and the time you can hook up with your paramilitary buddies).  Yick, though, I didn’t like the idea to paint the inside of the water tanks.  What kind of paint would you want used to contain your drinking water?  I’d go with the plastic barrels.  

p.s. anybody else note the use of the term “weapons of mass destruction” in the charges against them, and throughout the media?  I guess WMD have a different meaning when you are talking about American militia as opposed to terrorists in Iraq.

UPDATE: Hey, those Hutarees have a sense of humor! 

The beast’s number (humor)

0.666 – Number of the Millibeast
/666 – Beast Common Denominator
670 – Approximate number of the Beast
DCLXVI – Roman numeral of the Beast
666.0000000 – Number of the High Precision Beast
665.9999954 – Number of the Pentium Beast
666 x sq. rt (-1) – Imaginary number of the Beast
1010011010 – Binary of the Beast
1-666 – Area code of the Beast
00666 – Zip code of the Beast
1-900-666-0666 – Live Beasts! Call Now! Only $6.66/minute. (Must be over 18)
$665.95 – Retail price of the Beast
$710.36 – Price of the Beast plus 6.66% state sales tax
$769.95 – Price of Beast with all accessories & replacement soul
$606.66 – Price of the Beast at Wal-Mart
$566.66 – Price of the Beast at Costco
Phillips 666 – Gasoline of the Beast
Route 666 – Way of the Beast
666 F – Oven temperature for roast Beast
666k – Retirement plan of the Beast
666 mg – Recommended Daily Allowance of Beast
6.66 % – 5 year CD interest rate at First Beast of Hell National Bank ($666 minimum deposit)
6-6-6.xls – Spreadsheet of the Beast
Word 6.66 – Word Processor of the Beast
666i – BMW of the Beast
DSM-666 (revised) – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast
668 – Next-door neighbor of the Beast

Brick thrown through Howell, MI GOP HQ

From the Detroit Free Press:  It supposedly has the words ”Long Live the USA” and “God Bless the USA” scrawled on it, according to Livingston County Sheriff’s investigators.  h/t theblogprof

A line from “The Untouchables” comes to mind…”If they send one of yours to the hospital, send one two of theirs…”  I’m just being honest here.  It really did come to mind.

Leftist thugs suppressing free speech

Yawn. Nothing new here. Move along.

If we had a do-over

h/t TheBayou

This is what a liberal girly-man looks like

Liberal girly-men claim to be pro-union, claim to be in support of the little guy, and have shitty looking right ears.  But when push comes to shove, they force the union to make millions of dollars of concessions, so that they can have that as their bonuses.