John McCain, weathervane?

John McCain is a dick.  He would have been only marginally better than Obama, and that is saying something, because Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter. But nevertheless, we have found a good use for him.  He inadvertently tells us who the “Establishment Tools” are by those Republicans who endorse him. 


Sarah Palin, Sen. “Traitor” Brown, Mitt Romney, and most recently Gov. Bob McDonnell.  Who didn’t expect Brown to endorse him, if not his Democrat rival.  And Mitt, we knew some pretty-boy from Massachussetts must be just playing a conservative on T.V.  But Palin? And now, et tu Bobbay?

The Republican Establishment does this to us every damn time.  When we have a viable conservative and a RINO or back-stabbing conservative lite in a primary–any primary–they always go for the latter over the former.  That’s fine, I like to know who my enemies are ahead of time.  Good luck earning my vote next time, Sarah, Mitt and Bob, unless you are running against somebody even worse. I’ll take a real conservative over a pretend or a part-time conservative any day.

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