Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

HOT AIR GATE! Ed Morrisey’s email hacked, caught discussing next year’s CPAC Convention with head of NAMBLA

Hot Air was recently sold by Goddess Michelle, none too soon it appears.  In a ClimateGate-type heist, a thief, or a whistle blower, purloined   obtained an e-mail exchange that Ed Morrissey had after the 2010 CPAC Convention with the President of Nambla.  In an exclusive, Smash Mouth Politics has obtained a copy and is publishing them for the first time.  Please withhold any judgment of the situation until you read the 4 pages in their entirety.  They have been cut and pasted to be in chronological order, so you are reading them from first to last.  Apparently this brewhaha arose after Ed Morrissey wrote a column supporting the inclusion of GOPride to the 2010 CPAC  Convention, and now, predictably, NAMBLA wants in on the action next year.  See Ed’s articlesupporting the invite to GOProud here, and another here by some person called “REPUBLICAN” after the Convention. Continue reading