This is your deficit on crack

Bush was a drunken sailor.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid are crack heads on steroids.

Any Questions?

The chart was published in the Washington Post March 21, 2009.  They had this response after the CBO compared its own projected deficits with those projected by the White House:

“In the first independent analysis, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that President Obama’s budget would rack up massive deficits even after the economy recovers, forcing the nation to borrow nearly $9.3 trillion over the next decade.”

Remember, Bush’s deficits included the two wars and 9/11, and he had his own crash early on in his first term after Bubba’s internet bubble burst.  Here’s an excellant article from the Heritage Foundation about how bad BushII was, and how worse Obama is. 

Old news, but worth keeping in mind why we are fighting.

One response to “This is your deficit on crack

  1. Stop insulting drunken sailors. On The Chris Plante Show (WMAL) today, a retired Navy Chief put it this way.
    1. A drunken sailor spends his own money.
    2. When he runs out, he stops spending.

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