Flint Michigan to cut police force

Run for your lives.  Flee that hell-hole.  The city where I was born and outside of which I lived for my first twenty years, and which is consistently ranked as being a city with the highest crime rate, is about to get even worse.  Flint officials have announced the impending lay off of fifty-seven police officers and twenty-three fire fighters. 

Here is a link to the crime statistics for 2006.  Not sure how authoritative it is but it lists Flint as having double the national average crime rate, and six times the national murder rate.  Not sure which year, but this link lists Flint as the 4th most dangerous city in the United States.  

The police union president was interviewed here:  “He said three years ago there were 225 police officers in the city, and now there are 150. When the announced layoffs take effect, the city will be down to less than 100, he said.”

I have no actual knowledge of the politics of this, but I know politics in general, and I know liberal politicians.  I would wager a bet that what is going on is that the city leaders want to increase taxes.   The first thing that liberal leaders do when they want to raise taxes is cut vital services.   Hit ’em where it will hurt, and soon the populace will be clamoring for higher taxes.  I know, Flint is a dying city, and it must be difficult to manage that vermin  infested but once great city with the loss of its tax base, but this is just ridiculous, and the city leaders must know it.

I’m flying in and out of Flint this week.  Pray for me. 😦  But at least I won’t have to see any butt cracks.  Flint has apparently outlawed low pants.     

Note to self: wear belt on flight to Flint

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