Democrats keep shoveling deeper into the healthcare hole

Shhhh.  Don’t alert them to what most intelligent people already know: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.  E.J. Dionne wrote another dumb ass article advising Obama and the Democrats to keep fighting for healthcare and pass legislation or President Obama “will have a miserable time for the rest of his term.”

But the real story for me is a comment made by someone at the end of Dionne’s article.  It is so sweet that I wish I had written it:

“I have awakened again today with a renewed sense of outrage at how far we have come from a representative form of government. Democrats…you have temporary legislative majorities and control of the executive branch. You earned that in the elections of 2008 and 2006. These majorities are however not a mandate for every bit of socialist crazy you can envision. The electorate have told you to reconsider your actions every way short of violence. Your poll numbers and support for your proposals are plunging. You must see health care reform as being so important to be done your way that you are willing to close the doors, make corrupt “deals” and ram it through with parliamentary tactics rather than listen to the people who want you to start from scratch with new ideas. You are hopelessly addicted to spending what we do not have for something we do not want. The spring thaw is coming, and with it millions of Americans in the streets protesting as they have never done before. Stop asking more from us when you cannot control yourselves. Americans will not be your tax serfs, and the fragile bonds of a polite society hang in the balance.”

The Republicans are the stupid ones.  They won.  What they ought to do is exactly nothing.  Don’t show up at Obama’s “summit.”  That’s like the New Orlean Saints going back onto the field after time expired because the Colts dared them to keep playing another two quarters after the Super Bowl ended.  Don’t do it. It’s a twwwaaaappp!

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