Rule Five Saturday: Hot Black Women

Cassie Ventura: She's not really hot, she's not really hot, she's just playing hottie hot!

Melyssa Ford: yeah, there are no hot black chicks. None. At all. [gulp

No, I’m not gonna do hot Olym pian women.  It’s already been done, at Support Your Local Gunfighter for instance.  They. Have. One. EVERY DAY!!!!  

Nope, this “The Other McCain’s Rule 5” post is in honor of Tiger Woods, who can have any woman he wants in the freaking world, and all he does is pick trashy looking white women.  I know, I know, personal preferances and taste is unique to each individual. But come on, DUDE! There are some seriously hot black women out there.   That Drudge photo of you kissing your mom after the fake apology, is she asking you “What the hell is wrong with oriental chicks? Or black chicks? Why just a bunch of white women? You a racist boy?”

Rihanna: She's not hot. She's not hot. She's not hawt.

Gabrielle Union (notice the "outie"? John Doe has an outie!) She's not hot...

Melyssa Ford--NOT HOT! I'm ready to give up my Chevy...

Nia Long: WHY!!?? Why are there no hot black women??

Kenya Moore, another NOT HAWT hottie.

Thandie Newton. Dang. Fingdign hto womne ith hadr

Beyonce. No, REALLY, it is hard to find hot black women!

Don’t get me wrong, Tiger. I love, no, I LOVE white women, too. Hell, I’m married to one. My beautiful daughter is one.  But remember our premise. You had your choice of any freaking woman in the entire universe. You chose only (trashy looking) white women. What up wid dat?

Next week?  Hot Oriental Women of the World.

4 responses to “Rule Five Saturday: Hot Black Women

  1. Beyonce’ is freakin’ fantastic! Dig her. A lot.

    Thanks for the linkage!

  2. DUDE< that first chic is F'ed up…Why did you put that monster sized head on that hot size 2 ? Are you screwin with me ?????

  3. Huh. She has a head. I hadn’t noticed…

  4. Cassie is the most beautiful
    Gabrielle Union what a body!

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