Dick Cheney Facts from Scott Thong at BUUURRRNING HOT

I’m a sucker for Dick Cheney facts! I’ll just list a few. Go to his super blog to see the rest–he has many more.

Hippies actually bathe as often as you or I. Their smell is a result of the fear of Cheney.

Real men love Jesus, smart men fear Dick Cheney.

Cheney is in a secure bunker in an undisclosed location. Not for his protection, but for ours.

Three men were sitting by a campfire when they heard thrashing through the brush and a horrible growl. A 7′, 350lb muscle sculpted man rode up on the back of a grizzly bear. He reached into the boiling pot and stuffed the burning food into his mouth, grabbed the boiling coffee and chugged it then took a dump and wiped his ass with a cactus. He slapped the grizzly, mounted it and said to the men. “Hate to eat and run but Dick Cheney is after me and he’s only a few hours behind me.

James Dean thought it would be pretty funny to cut Dick Cheney off in traffic. Who’s laughin’ now, pretty-boy?

Dick Cheney eats your personal liberties for breakfest.

Cheney goes to Mexico TO drink the water. The Water? Cheney gives it the sh*ts.

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