The parable of the hostages

John Doe spoke to them again in parables, saying: “The Congress is like a strong party of men who broke into a dwelling, surprised the occupants, overwhelmed them and  took  them as hostages.  The strong party bound the hostages, and set about to steal all their possessions.  But while the strong party were dividing the loot, another* snuck into the dwelling and freed the hostages.  Suddenly, the hostages were strong enough to stand up to the strong party of men. 

The Won who was leader of the strong party said: “Now that you hostages are strong enough to oppose us, you should work with us to continue the task that we were already doing.  We were deciding who gets what of our loot, er, I mean of your possessions.  We had already spent much time and planning on this difficult undertaking.  We were having a hard time agreeing on how to do it, but we almost had an agreement.  We still are taking all your loot, but now we will graciously allow you to help us decide who gets what.” 

When the hostages balked at helping divide their own possessions for the strong party to steal, and cried out that the strong party should cease going forward with their plan and instead start at square one and create a new plan that was fair to both sides, The Won became incensed: “How dare you evil hostages not work with us?  Why are you unwilling to work together in a spirit of compromise and bipartisanship?” 

And he otherwise did all he could, even on national television, to make the former hostages look small and petty.  Some who saw the televised Address agreed with The Won.  And the former hostages saw this and were amazed.   

Hezekiah, chapter 11, verse 666

* a flasher from Massachusetts

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