Orrin Hatch Declares War on Reconciliation

Why do I have this sinking feeling that Democrats aren’t scared of him?  Just as I didn’t believe Sen. Lindsey Graham when he said ObamaCare was “dead on arrival” at the U.S. Senate.

We’ll get you, you wascally wabbits!

4 responses to “Orrin Hatch Declares War on Reconciliation

  1. Know your enemy, know your friend. The Democrats are spineless. They will cave into the Blue Dogs and Republicans. But you won’t and can’t know these things because you are trapped in the logic of the game. What is that Hannity says ?”Don’t let your heart be troubled”

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  3. Welcome The Daley Gator readers, but I think you were supposed to be linked to this post instead:


  4. Sheldon, I disagree. From what I’ve seen, the liberal and progressive legislators fight much harder than the average Republicans. Liberals believe that they are smarter than all the rest of us, and that it is their God-given obligation to force on us what we are too stupid to know is in our own best interest. Republicans just want to get elected and get along.

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