Obama is going to save the government twenty billion dollars!!!

What is one way that he is going to “save” the government money?  By increasing your taxes!   From Reuters:

“One of the proposals would eliminate the “Advanced Earned Income Tax Credit,” which allows eligible taxpayers with children to get a portion of the a tax credit paid out in their paychecks throughout the year.”  [Translation: If those pesky taxpayers get less deductions, that “saves” the government money!]

We all know that Obama can’t actually cut government programs on his own, he needs help!  So let’s compile a list of things to cut: 

1.  Cease using the military to shuttle Nancy Pelosi’s evil spawn back and forth across American. 

2. Cease using Air Force One to shuttle POTUS to Europe to bow and scrape to the Olympic Committee.  

3. Eliminate Recovery.gov and all of its reports of 75343 bogus “jobs saved or created.”   Updated: 94, 341 bogus jobs “created or saved.”

4.  Let the military tribunals fry, er I mean try, KSM.

Signs funded by OUR money.


 4.  Stop paying for those gawdawful road signs.

 5. Veto any cap and trade legislation.

6. Get back all the money you used to bail out your biggest campaign donors at Goldman Sachs. 

[I know it is just a start, but my readers are smarter than Obama could ever dream to be.]

5 responses to “Obama is going to save the government twenty billion dollars!!!

  1. U.S. out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,……… oh what the hell, EVERYWHERE!
    No more U.S. Imperialism, no more need to have bases everywhere. You’re right, I am pretty smart! 😉

  2. Yeah, we are such an imperialistic country. That’s why we used the excuse of the Haitian quake to invade their country. And why we left our troops in Germany, Japan and Korea. So we could subjugate those people to our power.

  3. Imperialism is also paternalistic. Funny though, lots of countries, NGOs etc. that have been sending aid and teams into Hiati have been criticizing the militaristic way that U.S. has been sending in aid. Example, they took over the airport and began diverting planes and preventing landing of supplies and aid teams.

  4. And you NATURALLY took their side and agreed with the criticism. It couldn’t possibly be that there were too few strips and no room to put all the planes as was the government’s purported reasons for the diversions. Nope. All criticism of America must be true when you already hate America.

  5. Hate America? No, not really. But you do realize that it is you that is defending the Obama administration?

    You seem to assume that “America”= any and all foreign military interventions. It does not. I love a lot of things about “America”, I am just not fond of militarism.

    And maybe food, medicine and water, should take priority? The Haitians probably needed that more than guns stuck in their face.

    Also look into the names of Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier and the U.S. support of their bloody dictatorships.

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