LIEberals pretend to be concerned about campaign finance

But we keep seeing what happens when the rug is pulled up and the cockroaches scurry out from underneath.  The Clintons had their Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung slipping them Chinese cash.  Obama took donations from credit cards  which were disabled to prevent knowing where the money was coming from.  Now John Edward’s aid lifts up the rug a little more (from The Daily Beast):

“Thanks to a long list of wealthy donors, including Bunny Mellon, Edwards was able to spend massive amounts of money to keep the affair a secret. “I know of at least a million dollars. And there was much, much more,” said Young. “We were living in mansions, flying around in jets. … Money was no object.” At one point Young reports receiving “an envelope full of cash, hundred-dollar bills, was wrapped in Fred Baron’s [a major Edwards benefactor] stationery.” The package came with a note that said, “’Old Chinese saying, use cash, they can’t trace it.” (ABC News)

Oh, my, but we can’t have corporations spending money.  And even though Johnny Edwards broke campaign finance laws, let’s crucify the kids who had the temerity to enter Senator Louisana Purchase’s office to find out why her phones were always jammed.  Life as a liberal must really really suck.

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