Liberals FINALLY found out what conservatives have known all along

John Edwards is a phony.  He recently showed up in Haiti, but that’s not the news.  The news is what somebody in The Gawker wrote about his trip:

“Edwards is still convinced people will believe him if he continues pretending to give a shit about poverty. Not only do people not care about poverty in general, but they also have trouble believing in the sincerity of a ridiculous phony egomaniac who constantly lies about everything. He seriously told the White House that he wanted them to, who knows, announce his Haiti visit, or endorse it, or something. According to Marc Ambinder, “this declaration was met with silence.  John Edwards is a hilarious narcissism monster.”

Finally, after denying it for years.  After enabling him, and believing his bullshit, and supporting his lying life style.  I wonder if he had a thousand dollar hair cut before he flew into Haiti? Did he fly his own private jet?  Is he going to channel some of those dead people? 

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