WHY is Sarah Palin supporting McCain over J. D. Hayworth?

Only two possibilities that I can see.  Loyalty or stupidity.   No, wait, I just thought of a third possibility.  She’s not the conservative that we thought she was. 

Loyalty: This I can understand, and even forgive.  But come on, Sarah, do you think John picked you out of any sense of loyalty? He did it to advance himself. Pick that piece of lint off your $500 suit and move on. He’d do the same if he were you.

Stupidity: I don’t believe it.  Sure, you have your faults, you are “under-seasoned” and somewhat naive in how hard ball is played in the big leagues.  But surely you don’t think John McCain is really a conservative. He’s a freaking opportunist.  He does what is best for John McCain.  Sometimes that is acting like a conservative, sometimes that is acting like a maverick, sometimes that is sucking up to the liberals and playing to the media.  If you are half the woman I think you are, you got Johnny boy figured out.    

She’s one of them: No. Ugh uh.  No way. I don’t believe it. She’s not one of them sell out fake conservatives.  IS SHE?

I think Sarah is making a HUGE mistake endorsing McCain. Unless she just half-asses it, like an NFL receiver with alligator arms barely reaching for the pass on the slant route, just before the safety crushes them.  Nobody respects receivers who do that, Sarah.

13 responses to “WHY is Sarah Palin supporting McCain over J. D. Hayworth?

  1. You forgot to add that McCain is a mass murderer after flying over 20 bombings missions over N. Vietnam.

    Then he whined when they kicked his ass when he landed.

    And Palin is just a ditz.

  2. Sheldon, are you trying to piss me off? Here I thought you were semi-rational.

  3. Yes John Doe, I suppose you could say I am trying to piss you off. Or you could say I am trying to raise questions in your mind about things you take for granted that may make you uncomfortable, and thus “piss you off”.

    I mean afterall, in those little biographical tributes to “war heroes” like McCain they brag about the 20 bombing missions over N. Vietnam. And of course we are not supposed to think about the actual consequences of those bombs on the ground to “other people”, are we? Do you think they were terroized? I guess that might make McCain a “terrorist” and the U.S. govt. a state sponsor of terror.

    Same goes for the victims of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, co-commanded by both Bush and Obama.

    And please, you are a Palin fan? Don’t you conservatives take yourselves more seriously than that? I mean when asked what she read, she couldn’t even come up with National Review, The Weekly Standard, Human Events or the Washington Times. She drew a blank because she doesn’t read.

  4. Sheldon, why don’t you just get it over with and move to France. To your way of thinking our greatest generation was no better than the SS they simply had a better PR agent. I guess your response to Pearl Harbor would have been to roll over and take it up the ass without so much as a dab of lubricant. You and the rest of your Frenchie pals may roll that way but the rest of us kick ass and take names when poked in the eye.

  5. Sheldon, it’s comments like that which make normal people hate liberals/progressives/whatever you label yourself as. No, bombing the N. Vietnamese was not terrorism. They were the aggressors. The Soviets were supporting their take-over of S. Vietnam. As soon as we stopped supplying the S. Vietnamese, they lost to the superior equipped army. In war, if your country attacks another country, you are apt to get bombed.

    Here’s a tip for you Sheldon, I don’t read any newspapers or magazines, either, on a regular basis. I get the Wall St. Journal daily (a gift, I wouldn’t purchase it). I hardly ever read anything of it except the front page and the editorial page. Doesn’t mean I don’t read—I surf the net. And I am much more well informed than you could ever dream of being. I spend 4-5 hours a day. I’d be lying if I said I read the Journal or any other paper or magazine daily, and idiots who jump to conclusions would conclude that I am an idiot. I “support” Palin only to the extent that if idiots attack her, I stand up for her. Doesn’t mean I want her to be prez, but she speaks up whereas others in like position are too cowardly. She fights.

    The more of those maggots they kill over there with drones, the less of them left to commit terrorism. I’m sure you have some “hip” friends who say “RIGHT ON! Americans are committing terrorism!” Keep it up, is all I can say, because that makes dipshits with that attitude guaranteed to be in the tiny minority.

  6. Frankly, I don’t know anything about the J. D. Hayworth. So I suppose if Sarah Palin takes a shot at the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, I will have to look into the matter.

    Has Sheldon looked into the matter? Given what he said, I say he just jumped to a conclusion. I wonder how often he does that.

  7. We have a Progressive here. Take a look at history Sheldon. Progressives like yourself have always destroyed our country. We are watching youi

  8. J. D. Hayworth was a congressman from Az, and has also appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program as a guest host. He may be all talk but nobody has ever accused him of being a RINO. He lost his seat in part because he opposed illegal imigration.

    Beverly, not sure exactly what Sheldon is; he won’t stay long enough to elucidate his views. But yeah, Progressive would be my guess.

  9. Ha! Like I care that “normal people” hate whatever I label myself as.

    Mmmm? so maybe I want “normal people” to like me, so I should figure out what they expect other people to think. Almost sounds like not thinking at all.

    And John Doe, you have the nerve to talk about morality, but then conclude that people that are killed as “collateral damage” are just “maggots” who deserve their fate?

    You and your crew here are a good examples of why many people the world over “hate America”.

    Hey Beverly, yeah, it looks like conservatives have done so well at taking care of this country.

  10. Sheldon is a verb! It means to be of weak brains. His education is apparently higher than his intelligence.

  11. Sheldon – What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish? When you insult people, you are not going to persuade them of anything except that you are rude.

  12. Tom, Shelly is an atheist. I’d be angry all the time, too, if I was an atheist.

  13. Liberals/progressives/atheists, etal. are basically insecure people who have an immense need to be nurtured/loved by everyone. When they sense that someone disagrees with them, they get all defensive and start the name calling because they can’t come up with a logical response to dispute or disprove the facts in a debate.

    If you’re a Veteran, you’re automatically a “baby killer”. If you disagree with BHO’s policies, you’re automatically a “racist”. And the “biggie”…if you believe in the Constitution and the fact that we have too much government, you’re automatically labeled unpatriotic and possibly a domestic terrorist. And you’re a “greedy capitalist” if you believe in the free market.

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