Amber Lee Ettinger

I got a crush on Obama Girl. Even though “Amber Lee” sounds like the name of a porn star. 

“Obama Girl” gets the infamous Smash Mouth Politics Rule 5 treatment treatment based upon the fact that she recently wised up about Obama:  “I think he’s doing an OK job.” Hey, she went from thinking he was the greatest invention since the push-up bra to “OK” in just twelve months.  She must be somewhat intelligent. We can work with that.

“He did create some jobs, but most of them were government jobs and that doesn’t really help the middle class. But it helps a bit,” said Ettinger.

Smitty like?

10 responses to “Amber Lee Ettinger

  1. She’s a healthy specimen.

  2. You don’t “work with that” you simply “work that”. As to her being “somewhat intelligent”, given her previously stated positions, Ron White said it best “You can’t fix stupid” but then again I wouldn’t be working her IQ so what does it matter.

  3. Mom’s brain and Amber Lee’s, ugh, ummm. Never mind, I’ll take Mom’s brain!

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  5. that last pic shows she has a bigger package than me….sigh

  6. Like your wife says, Frank: I’m not gonna touch that one!

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  8. Jack Offerman

    From 01/06/12 article:

    “Under Obama, a Record Decline in Government Jobs

    When Barack Obama ran for president four years ago, he appalled some Democrats by saying Ronald Reagan had been a transformational president.

    Three years into his presidency, he has exceeded Reagan in one area: reductions in government jobs.

    Over all — including a decline of 12,000 public sector jobs in the Labor Department report for December — government employment is down 2.6 percent over the last three years, compared to a decline of 2.2 percent in the early Reagan years. That is a record.”

    Et cetera. Read the article. Amber Lee is misinformed, but I don’t check her out for political astuteness. Anyone who looks as good as her gets a pass; anyone else gets an “F” for f–ked up on the facts … as usual, for about half the country.

  9. Jack, not sure what your trying to say. The article states that federal employment is UP during Obama’s tenure. The government employees who are losing their jobs are at the state level, something over which Obama has little to do with. And even if we grant that Lord Obama is responsible for every government job lost, anywhere in the world, what’s your point? That an over his head incompetent affirmative community activist boy did one good thing in his entire life, and that is to shrink the size of government workers? If so, I’ll gladly concede that one point. But he did not “shrink” government, he has done nothing but expand it. Amber Lee is right, she is gorgeous, and ALMOST as beautiful as tricia, although not nearly as smart and informed!!

  10. Idiot Trouncer

    John Doe, you are a fucking idiot and I would punch you in the face. That is all. And “MOM”, you’ve never touched a woman that hot in your life so quit fronting.

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