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WHY is Sarah Palin supporting McCain over J. D. Hayworth?

Only two possibilities that I can see.  Loyalty or stupidity.   No, wait, I just thought of a third possibility.  She’s not the conservative that we thought she was. 

Loyalty: This I can understand, and even forgive.  But come on, Sarah, do you think John picked you out of any sense of loyalty? He did it to advance himself. Pick that piece of lint off your $500 suit and move on. He’d do the same if he were you.

Stupidity: I don’t believe it.  Sure, you have your faults, you are “under-seasoned” and somewhat naive in how hard ball is played in the big leagues.  But surely you don’t think John McCain is really a conservative. He’s a freaking opportunist.  He does what is best for John McCain.  Sometimes that is acting like a conservative, sometimes that is acting like a maverick, sometimes that is sucking up to the liberals and playing to the media.  If you are half the woman I think you are, you got Johnny boy figured out.    

She’s one of them: No. Ugh uh.  No way. I don’t believe it. She’s not one of them sell out fake conservatives.  IS SHE?

I think Sarah is making a HUGE mistake endorsing McCain. Unless she just half-asses it, like an NFL receiver with alligator arms barely reaching for the pass on the slant route, just before the safety crushes them.  Nobody respects receivers who do that, Sarah.

Man convicted of manslaughter walks free

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  He shot a guy who broke into his girlfriend’s car in broad daylight.  Jury found him guilty of manslaughter but recommended no jail time.  Course, the man will be a convicted felon for the rest of his life.  And he seems to be a very decent guy.  I am torn.  There should be some penalty, but sending him to jail doesn’t sound like it would accomplish much…

Moral: Don’t shoot somebody for stealing property outside your house.  We don’t execute thieves, so you can’t either.  Oh, and don’t break into a car owned by a girl with a boyfriend who lives nearby and who owns a .40 cal automatic. 

I have to ask: Would the verdict be the same if the defendant had been white and the deceased had been black?

Amber Lee Ettinger

I got a crush on Obama Girl. Even though “Amber Lee” sounds like the name of a porn star. 

“Obama Girl” gets the infamous Smash Mouth Politics Rule 5 treatment treatment based upon the fact that she recently wised up about Obama:  “I think he’s doing an OK job.” Hey, she went from thinking he was the greatest invention since the push-up bra to “OK” in just twelve months.  She must be somewhat intelligent. We can work with that.

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