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Nun Chucks

God confesses to Chuck Norris every Sunday (sorry for the blasphemy, but Chuck Norris jokes are acceptable).  h/t  regretfulmorning.

James O’Keefe is a hero

You go James!

While the majority of us sit on our asses and let the ACORNs of the world steal elections, and the Sen. Mary Landrieus of the world accept bribes to support ObamaCare, James O’Keefe and his buddies are out fighting them and trying to stop them.

Sure, I’ll listen to the “evidence” againt them–with a jaundiced ear.  I’ll believe it about as much as the O.J. jury believed that he murdered Nicole and Ron Brown.  I will support them during this hour of trouble, and hopefully even if they are put in jail. Sure, I’m all about “law and order” but sometimes you have to take off the gloves when your opponents don’t play by the rules.  If they are incarcerated, they’ll be nothing but political prisoners, imho.

UPDATE: Patterico’s Pontifications details what is alleged, and what isn’t, and how the MSM is trying to crucify these men without a trial.  And one of the commenters left a good possible motive: 

“The affidavit clearly describes what they were doing. They tried to call the office number from their cellphones and could not get through. The demonstrators were complaining that they had been calling her office for weeks and got only busy signals. The four guys were trying to demonstrate that the office phones had been tampered with by Landrieu’s staff to prevent constituents calling her to complain about her actions.”

UPDATE II (1/29/10):  Statement by James O’Keefe. We video-taped ourselves trying to show  that Sen Landreiu’s phones are not working and neither she nor her staff are concerned about it because they don’t want to  hear from the “little people.” [Ok, I paraphrased that…]

Global Warming: So easy a caveman can do it

h/t The Blog Prof

Black Panthers versus Virginia Cracker


Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the "New Black Panthers Party"

Imagine if some honkey said something like this to a black Congressman.  The libbies panties would be in more knots than a reggae musician’s dread locks.  From the Washington Times:

“According to Mr. [U.S. Congressman Frank R., R-Virginia] Wolf, Mr. Shabazz recently issued a statement that said: “These right-wing white, red-faced, red-neck Republicans are attacking the hell out of the New Black Panther Party, and were organizing now to fight back … We gearing up for a showdown with this cracker … He keep talking — we going to Capitol Hill, were just gearing up right now, well go to Capitol Hill.”  (I know, this sounds like a parody–like something that I would invent a black panther saying about some old white dude. But I didn’t.   And this Shabazz dude is supposedly a D.C. lawyer. )

The bruhaha resulted from the Congressman wanting the dismissal of charges of intimidation against Black Panthers members in Philly investigated.  Congressman Wolf, don’t you know that you can’t investigate the dropped charges against the New Black Panthers while a brutha is in the House?

But just imagine if the roles were reversed:  How about if the President of the N.R.A. said about a black Congressman: “These left-wing black, scar-faced, ghetto Democrats are attacking the hell out of the National Rifle Association, and we’re organizing now to fight back … We gearing up for a showdown with this niggah … He keep talking — we going to Capitol Hill, we’re just gearing up right now, we’ll go to Capitol Hill.”

Here is a little sample about Malik Shabazz’ philosophy of reparations, from an interview that he gave The Final Call:

AM: What do you really think will come out of the movement for Reparations?
MS: It’s hard to judge that an enemy who has really never done justice to Black people will go in his treasury and accounts and turn over to Black people what is rightfully due us. But this does not mean we should not struggle around the principle for reparations. Ultimately, whether the White man or the United States government give Black people reparations, we must fight for reparations. We must demand reparations, but we must go after, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us, some of this good earth, some of this land that we can call our own. So, I don’t know whether this enemy will actually give us reparations, but I know that we must put as much pressure on him as we can. I believe that we can achieve some positive results and, in the meanwhile, we should go after repairing ourselves on a daily basis.