Daily Archives: January 25, 2010

Odds and Ends

What a retard (apologies to you retards out there):  President Obama uses a teleprompter to speak to a bunch of 5th graders in their class room. Jammie Wearing Fool has the photos to prove it.  Oh, wait, they were 6th graders, so it’s OK.

Don't be this dumb at home, kids!

I know you will think that I wrote this delicious quote, but it was written by a self-professed progressive supporter of Obama: 

“Barack Obama has now, in just a year’s time, become the single most inept president perhaps in all of American history, and certainly in my lifetime.  Never has so much political advantage been pissed away so rapidly, and what’s more in the context of so much national urgency and crisis.  It’s astonishing, really, to contemplate how much has been lost in a single year. ”

Not enough? Here’s a bit more from the same unhappy chap:

“It was hilarious, of course, when Michelle Bachmann invoked the Charge of the Light Brigade at a rally against “Obama’s” (has he ever really owned it?) health care “initiative” (isn’t that too strong a word to use?), quite oblivious to the fact that the actual historical event was one of history’s greatest debacles.  Obama, on the other hand, seems to be actually reliving the famous cock-up in the flesh.  Except, of course, that he doesn’t really “charge” at anything.  He just talks about things, thinks about things a real long time, defers to others on things, and waits around for things to maybe happen.” [His solution? Hard left rudder, full steam ahead.]