Kim Kardashian has the real stuff

A little Rule 5, if Smitty is going to bother following “the Rules” anymore…

For you doubters out there...

Kim Kardashian at 14

This was just to show you that she has not had plastic surgery on her front parts.  Now pry your eyes off her and remuse thawerve ouy reew donig. 

Nope. She's not hiding anything back here...


However, many say that she’s had a modification to the junk in her trunk…

Or here...

21 responses to “Kim Kardashian has the real stuff

  1. irrefutable logic, Frankie!

  2. i love kim

  3. Ur really preety cn I get ur numbr

  4. hi
    PLZ u sen me nambar contact

  5. Meh. Kim is a skank. Tricia is waaaaaaaay hotter

  6. dnt tlk about her like that she is not a skank shes a beautiful lady that just needs to find the rite someone /.,>(someone still loves you young lyric).,/?

  7. she is looking tooooooo hot

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but here are some before and after photos;

    Your boobs and butt just don’t grow that fast, hard specially as an adult. Specially natural bums and boobs are not able to defy gravity like hers. Oh, and look a her face, she’s had ALOT of work done on it as well – just like her good old Dad.

    Thank you John for another compliment 😉

  9. She is hot i wish to fuck her to the fulest

  10. I want to fuck her

  11. i do no t want to imagine what she can under my big ))))

  12. Hai,kim

    I like her very much. She is sex & hot & beatuful

  13. who cares if its fake or real it all tastes the same in ur mouth

  14. hi Kim
    you are so cute and Beautiful but you are……………………………………………………..

  15. hello sexyse I what to be you sexyse lover , you are cool sexyse just have me , send me you contact baby , or you can cme here in Abuja Nigeria , in shareton hotel , tel me the day and time , but very soon , I m the hero on bord now ,

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