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Climate Change Lies and the “scientists” who make them

Pay trillions or the bears die!

The Inter govern mental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted in their official report that the Himalayan glaciers were likely to disappear by 2035.  This was an alarming prediction, because billions of people depend on the glaciers run off for fresh water.  Turns out it was not based on science at all, but some reporter’s false report of a single interview with a single scientist who denies ever making such a prediction.  And now, another scientist who was on the panel claims that he warned the IPCC for months before they issued their report that the prediction was false.  When faced with such evidence they admitted the error.

As it turns out, there is no evidence that the glaciers are melting. For a variety of reasons it is very difficult to prove scientifically. So the IPCC is commissioning scientific study of three of the innumerable glaciers to see whether those three show evidence of melting.  Is the head of this new study biased one way or the other?  You be the judge, based upon his own words  (as reported in the TimesOnline): Continue reading

FINALLY McCain-Feingold declared unconstitutional

Well, parts of it anyway.  About damn time.  I was screaming back before Bush signed it that it was unconstitutional. And he ticked me off royally when he signed it despite saying that he had reservations about it being unconstitutional.  A President swears to uphold and defend the Constitution.  He has an independent obligation to not enact unconstitutional laws. Instead, Bush punted away his obligation and passed the buck to the Supreme Court.  And the first time the Court had a case before it that Court failed miserably and held that the law was constitutional.

What moron can’t see that “Congress SHALL PASS NO LAW respecting the freedom of speech” includes one that prevents persons from speaking in the forms of ads or movies or television within certain periods of time before elections?  To ask the  question makes the answer so obvious that any American citizen should be able to answer it immediately. 

Instead, it took years, and a 183 page decision, to answer it. And the appointment of two conservative Justices by Bush (the best thing that he ever did).  Do these jokers think that they are writing a novel?  Millions of dollars were spent in costs and legal fees.  No wonder people do not trust our court system, our congress, or President Bush.

Odds & Ends

Ten years worth of pranks in one short video.  I couldn’t stop laughing, and it was before my first cup of coffee.

Christian call-in T.V. show gets Rick-rolled.

Don’t let this gal’s poor aim bother you. See below fold. Continue reading