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Pat Robertson comments about Haiti

Provoked almost universal outrage and condemnation.  First, IF you listen to what he said, he didn’t blame the earthquake on their alleged “pact with the devil.” Never.  Sounded to me as though he said it appeared as though they had been cursed compared to the Dominican Republic. Both countries are on the same island, while Haitians live in squalor, etc. the D.R. has prospered. Then he says that “we need to pray” that in the midst of this tragedy the Haitians will turn to God.  I find nothing objectionable with what he said. I think this is a case of liberals turning what he said into something he never said.  Was his timing poor? Yes. He should have known that his statements would be misconstrued by the liberals. It’s what they do. Should he have even mentioned the “pact with the devil?” No, again, no common sense.  Maybe liberals were just overly-sensitive because of prior dumb comments that he made after 9/11, but I doubt it. Liberals will use any occasion to attack enemies and to politicize events.

As proof that the liberals don’t really care what Robertson said, compare what Danny Glover said about the exact same tragedy.  Instead of at most inferentially blaming the earthquake on “a pact with the devil” Glover blamed it on a failure to reach a global warming pact at Copenhagen:

“When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?”

The silence from the liberals is deafening.

Meanwhile a U.S. Senator calls another who is running for the Senate a vile name. Little Chuckie Schumer wrote

“Martha Coakley is running to fill the rest of Ted Kennedy’s term, and her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican,” Schumer wrote. ”

Don’t bat your eyelashes and try to deny that calling somebody a “tea-bagger” is not a term which depicts an obscene act.  How about if we call Chuckie a “a used rubber” or a “Jew boy,” or how about we call him a douche bag?  Somehow, I don’t think the liberal press would be ignoring such a remark if it was said about Schumer.

“Critics pointed out that Schumer cried foul in 1998 after D’Amato called him a “putz-head” during a meeting with Jewish supporters. The Yiddish word “putz” literally means “penis,” though it has taken on a less vulgar meaning in common usage. Schumer, a Brooklyn congressman at the time, seized on D’Amato’s insult and blasted the three-term Republican senator right up until the election for initially denying that he said it.”

p.s. I’ve also heard much talk about how a “real Christian” wouldn’t have said such a thing as Robertson said. How about this? If you are offended by his comments, forgive him, and move along.

Sarah Palin’s favorite founding father is “all of them”

The news here is how all the idiots attack her for it. Hello! The only person liberals  hate more than Glen Beck is Sarah Palin.   Take a breath. Step back. If it was somebody else answering the question it would not have made news.  Somebody might have even noticed that it was a STUPID F’N QUESTION.  What is your favorite color? Does your husband wear boxers or briefs? Do you sleep in the nude, check yes or no. Quick, who is YOUR “favorite founding father.”  I don’t have any. If on national T.V. somebody asked me that, hopefully I’d have the nerve to say “what a stupid f’n question.” 

I don’t have a “favorite color” nor a “favorite founding father” nor a favorite Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I refuse to answer whether I wear boxers or briefs, and I hate people with nothing better to do than criticize Palin’s inane answer to a stupid question. Grow up America. Now it’s time for me to go to bed nude.

p.s. Just kiddin about that last remark.  😉