See John Woo whoop Jon Stewart

Run, Jon, run.  John is smart. You are not.

Really. THIS is required listening.  All you liberals who castigated John Woo for doing his job should listen to this with an open mind.

4 responses to “See John Woo whoop Jon Stewart

  1. Well thanks John Doe for posting this, this quite interesting.

    “Yoo, now a law professor at Berkeley, was on to promote his book, “Crisis and Command,” in which he argues that the founding fathers deliberately left the Constitution vague on the limits of presidential authority.”

    It seems to me that the constitution is quite vague on a few things, and don’t a lot of conservatives kind of hate that and deny it at the same time? But really, who would think that on the limits of executive authority, thats a good thing? I guess it depends on if its your guy in power no?

  2. George Bush expanded the powers temporarily to protect America. Obama expands his powers to drive home his political agenda, to reward his friends, and screw his political enemies. If you don’t see a difference, I can’t help you.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry, you’re right, Bush is entirely trust worthy and would not do any of the nefarious things you attribute to Obama. If you are that naive, I can’t help you.

    FYI, there were some non-party player principled conservatives (not your type) years ago that warned about the dangers of setting a precedent of expanding executive privilege.

  4. What did Bush do that was not trustworthy? You disagreed with him, but he did nothing to enrich himself or his party. He did what he thought was best, often to the detriment of himself and his party.

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