Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

Harry Reid dropped the “N-bomb”

Didn’t he get the P.C. message? Can’t use the word “Negro.”  Personally, I like it.  “Hey my Negro, what’s up?”  Never had an occasion to use it but it sounds cool. 

I don’t think it shows “racism” when somebody uses the term, I think it just shows that they are out of touch.  I do not think Harry Reid should have to resign. I wish he would.  My problem is not with him saying it, or not resigning, my problem is with the media and all the democrats hypocrisy. If a republican said that they would have been forced to resign immediately.  I’m not even sure why, other than because liberals are like that. They trump up a reason and attack in mass and make it appear to be worse than it is, and republicans are mainly spineless beasts who cave for petty reasons. Until the NAACP changes its name to NAABP and the United Negro College Fund changes it’s name to UBAACF, I think negro is a perfectly acceptable word to use. 

As to the merits of what Harry said, admit it, he was telling the truth, and really dark skinned blacks know it.  There is still raaaaacism that exists, and the more white a black looks and talks, the less raaaaacism that they encounter.  Guess we are still too cowardly as a nation to really talk about race.