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Rachel Ray

Can rustle me up some 30 minute meals any day.  A little of Robert Stacy McCain’s (and Smitty’s) Rule 5 for your Friday afternoon pleasure.

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TSA Nominee mislead Congress continued

Now the lawmakers are figuring out what they didn’t know. Seven GOP senators — DeMint, McCain, Coburn, Charles Grassley, Pat What did the White House know and when did they know it.  If y ou haven’t read my post from last week it’s here. Did the White House conspire with the nominee to mislead Congress? Or did they at least turn a blind eye while the nominee was lying to Congress? 

Byron York is on the case: “Now the lawmakers are figuring out what they didn’t know [about the nominee’s lies].  Seven GOP senators — DeMint, McCain, Coburn, Charles Grassley, Pat Roberts,  Sam Brownback, and Mike Johanns — have written to the White House for more information in light of Southers’ “erroneous, and possibly misleading” account. They want to know when Southers first told the White House about the FBI censure, and also when the White House first found out that the story Southers told the committees was wrong. Why wasn’t Congress told before, and not after, the committees voted?”

Why wasn’t Congress told before? You f’n morons (if that isn’t a rhetorical question). You weren’t told because the White House and the nominee did not want you to know.

James P. Hoffa “Congress, don’t tax our health insurance plans”

Awwww, he wrote an article in HuffPo defending his position. The little darlin’s want Congress to increase somebody elses’ taxes! “Don’t tax us! That wouldn’t be fair! Tax our employers, tax “the rich” just don’t tax us!”   Isn’t that just like a f—ing commie? “What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is negotiable.”

Come on, little commies: you want nationalized health insurance, help pay for it out of your cadillac health insurance policies that you extorted from your employers.  You want all of the nation to have the same crappy health insurance as those on Medicare and Medicaid and in the V.A. system have, but you don’t want to sacrifice your own super-duper deluxe health insurance.  All animals are equal, but some are more equal.  How “Animal Farm” of you.

Hopey Changey

What a real President looked like:

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How cold is it?

from Doug Ross