Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Too many darkies being born in Texas

Those enlightened eugenics supporters “pro-choice” people in Texas are planning an abortion super-center in Houston.  But they support “choice,” not eugenics! wink wink.  It’s just a huge coincidence that they are planning the largest abortion center in the USA in a border state where non-hispanic whiteys honkies are  a minority. 

Houston Racial Makeup: “24.92 percent of the population of Houston is African-American. Asians account for 5.19 percent of the population. 37.43 percent of the population is Hispanic, while Whites make up the remaining 30.75 percent of the population.”

p.s. WHY wasn’t abortion “safe and legal” when Obama was conceived!!??  I oppose abortion, but I’d make an exception for his mother.

Obama Admin decision to try Eunich bomber in criminal court huge mistake

He. Is. An. Enemy Combatant.

And you thought this was just a joke during the campaign. IT. IS. THE TRUTH.

But I don’t blame Obama–he is a mushy-headed progressive  pandering to his base. That’s what Obambi does.  I expect no less.  But Congress needs to take the next would be bomber out of  The Won’s discretion.  Pass a law that says alien terrorist wanna bes are enemy combatants, and subject to indefinite detention in Guantanimo, waterboarding, and sleep deprivation.  I commend this excellant article at the The Wall Street Journal. We don’t try enemy combatants captured on the battlefield as criminals.  America is the battlefield now, Obama just doen’t realize it.

Mistrial declared on first day…

I’m baaaaaack.