Come on, give us some of your New Year’s Predictions.

1.  I predict that the Democrats get their asses handed to them in the 2010 elections.  The party has been hijacked by the most extreme left-wing elements of the party.  This country is fed up with Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid cram-it-down-our-throats government.  The good Democrats, the America-loving, hard-working, conservative Democrats will desert the party in droves, and many independents will do what they do, float towards the party out of control.  Where else you guys gonna go? The Democrat party is nothing like it used to be just a few decades ago.

2.  I predict that the stock market will crash and the price of gold will reach even higher all-time highs.  This is a huge limb I’m crawling out on. Traditionally, when the Federal Reserve has interest rates this low, the market rises.  “Don’t fight the Fed” is a maxim that most traders live by.  But I think that America is close to going bankrupt.  We are spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have.  With the Dems and Obama in charge, I don’t see any relief to this spending binge.  The Government will either have to dramatically raise taxes–which will kill our economy–or print more money. Can you say “Inflation?”  If China decides to stop lending us money, we are so screwed.   Obviously, the more accurate my first prediction is, the less accurate my second prediction will be. But I’m pessimistic.  It might already be too late.  America can’t go bankrupt?  Take a look at this

UPDATE: Ruh roh! Somebody else agrees with me! Buy gold, guns and stash food and supplies.  Batton down the hatches… 

3.  I predict that the GOP establishment will try to co-opt the Tea Party movement.  They hate the movement almost as much as liberals do.  But they can’t ignore it. They’ll act as though they support the movement, try to install their chosen ones as leaders of the movement, and that will piss off those in the movement, and cause many to lose heart.  The G.O.P. Establishment’s claws on the movement will be worse than cold water poured into a hot cup of tea. They’ll water it down, and cool it off, and leave it virtually indistinguishable from the G.O.P. establishment now.  This one I hope I’m wrong.  I loathe the G.O.P. establishment. A bigger collection of crooks and morons there never was, other than the current Democratic Party establishment.

4.  I predict that there will be an assassination attempt on some national Democrat politician.  Again, I hope I’m wrong.  Those of us on the right will take much heat for it.  But you cannot keep ramming un-wanted legislation down the throats of the majority against their will and not expect someone somewhere to fight back.  Now, this prediction depends on the Democrats themselves. IF  they scrap “Cap and Trade”  “Crap and Tax” and ObamaPelosiCare and this notion of “Global Warming Treaty,” IF they scrap this push for “Card Check” and IF Democrats stop using thugs from the SEIU as their personal “Brown Shirts” and ACCORN as their voter fraud unit, IF they cease trying to open our borders, etc., then this prediction too will not come true.  But I don’t think they are smart enough to back off as suggested.

5.  I predict that President Obama’s popularity will continue to plummet.  He ran as a competent moderate, but he is governing as an incompetent corrupt Chicago thug.  That’s what he is.  Why did the snake bite you? Because he’s a snake.  Even Mayor Daley’s brother called him out for being too liberal.   And now “The One Who Is A Dumb Bitch” at the N. Y. Times has turned against him: “Heckova job, Barry!”  The Progressives are going to relentlessly push Obama to move leftward. That is why they fought so hard to get him elected. They knew he was one of them.  They knew his entire campaign was a lie designed to paint him as a moderate.  If he fails to deliver the goods, they’ll turn on him. But they won’t have to push him.  Their agenda is where his heart is: turning America into a socialist country.  Meanwhile, the vast majority of Americans, who hate the socialist agenda, and who would never have voted for him but for his lies during the campaign, will continue to have their eyes opened about what an evil p.o.s. he really is. 

6.  A BIG terrorist strike will hit the U.S.  We have to defeat their every attempt.  They only have to win once.  And the Obama administration would rather pander to the ACLU-types than keep us safe.

7. I predict that the main stream media will come to accept the lame excuse “It’s Bush’s Fault” less and less.  Hey, one can dream, can’t he?

8.  And I predict that the liberals will continue to hate Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.  (Hey, I gotta get at least one prediction correct!)

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